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Shania Twain Reveals If She Ever Met Brad Pitt After Mentioning Him On ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’

Shania Twain sang about Brad Pitt in one of her biggest hits and she recently revealed what other actor she would name check in the song today.

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Shania Twain finally answered the burning question of whether or not she ever met Brad Pitt after she famously sang about him in 1998’s “That Don’t Impress Me Much.” The stunning country music icon, 57, revealed the answer when she stopped by the YouTube show Chicken Shop Date and chatted with host Amelia Dimoldenberg. While the lyrics certainly are a compliment to the star’s good looks, it appeared Brad never had a chance to thank Shania for the shout out in real life.

Shania Twain revealed if she ever met Brad Pitt after singing about him in ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’. (Shutterstock)

“I wrote about Brad Pitt. I never met Brad Pitt,” Shania told Amelia. “I think he’s avoiding me, man, honestly,” she joked. As a refresher, Shania crooned in the song, “Oh-oh, you think you’re special / Oh-oh, you think you’re something else / Okay, so you’re Brad Pitt / That don’t impress me much.” The song was off Shania’s third studio album, Come On Over, and went on to become one of her biggest hits worldwide.

Although her and Brad never had a chance to talk about the song, perhaps Channing Tatum will give her a shout out, as Shania said she would choose the Magic Mike star to name check if she ever decided to reboot the song. “It’s Channing Tatum. I’m trying to think how I would sing that… Okay, so you’re Channing Tatum’ – yeah, that works,” she said to UK Radio Times magazine, per Deadline.  As for why she chose Channing, Shania said she it was because she just witnessed the trailer for his new Magic Mike film and well…that’s reason enough.

Shania Twain said she never met Brad Pitt, even after her hit song about him.(Shutterstock)

Meanwhile, the Grammy winner got candid about aging gracefully in a new interview with The Mirror, claiming it took a lot of reflection– and a nude photo shoot — to learn how to love her body. “I was freaking out inside but nobody knew it,” Shania singer said. “Now, I look at myself naked and I like the honesty about myself.” Now, that should impress everybody much.