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Isabella Rossellini, 70, Reveals Her Feelings About Plastic Surgery: ‘I Prefer A Little To An Operation”

Isabella Rossellini also revealed what she thinks is the 'biggest dream' for women when it comes to aging and beauty, in a new interview.

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Isabella Rossellini, 70, opened up about aging and why she has chosen not to have plastic surgery, in a new open and honest interview with Page Six Style. “We all age. It’s part of nature,” she told the outlet when talking about starring in the campaign ad for Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle fragrance. “I’ve never done any plastic surgery. If you do it, you might win a battle, but you lose the war.”

The gorgeous model owns a 28-acre Long Island farm that serves as a home for chickens, dogs, bees and sheep and chooses to go the natural route with both food and beauty. “Philosophically, I could never reconcile having an organic farm, eating organic … and then injecting myself with Botox,” she said when asked about injectables. “I don’t know how the two things could coexist. I mean, I do know they coexist because I have friends that do it, but it’s a contradiction!”

Isabella Rossellini
Isabella looking great. (Orlando Barria/EPA/Shutterstock)

Although Isabella hasn’t gone the plastic surgery route, she admitted that she has sometimes been tempted. “I have to confess, my neck is the thing that makes me sometimes think I should have plastic surgery,” she explained. “The neck is always a little bit upsetting, but I live with it. I prefer a little scarf to an operation!”

The confident gal went on to mention the lasting effects of perfume, which is a must-have product for women of all ages. “Maybe men only understand our using perfume or makeup to seduce them,” she said. “But of course, we do it not only to seduce men — we do it because it’s fun.”

Isabella Rossellini
Isabella poses at a previous event. (Paco Chuquiure/EPA/Shutterstock)

Isabella became the world’s highest-paid model in 1982, when she signed an exclusive deal with Lancome. She promoted the company’s fragrances, lipsticks, and skincare for 10 years, but in 1995, shortly before her 43rd birthday, she was fired from the company because of her age. In 2016, when Lancome had new female CEO, Francoise Lehmann, they asked her to represent them once again and she happily accepted. “They said, ‘We should have never let you go,” she recalled. “I certainly didn’t expect it 20 years later!”

Isabella concluded that getting older means more freedom and she is fine with that. “When you’re old, you can do everything you’ve always wanted to do. That’s the great fun about being old,” she explained. “I think you acquire a lot of freedom. When you’re young, you have many obligations … you have children to raise, you have to make it at your career. When you’re older, all these things have been answered. So now, I just do what I like.”