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Camila Alves McConaughey Reveals Aftermath Of Plane Dropping 4,000 Feet In Crazy Turbulence

Camila Alves was one of the passengers on a Lufthansa flight that experienced severe turbulence and dropped 4,000 feet mid-air on March 1.

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Matthew McConaughey’s wife, Camila Alves, experienced a terrifying ordeal on a March 1 Lufthansa flight, which resulted in seven passengers being hospitalized. Camila took to Instagram to share a short video of the aftermath of the severe turbulence, which featured food, napkins and more thrown across the floor of the airplane. “I was told plane dropped almost 4,000 feet,” Camila revealed. “Seven people went to hospital. Everything was flying everywhere.” The plane was en route from Texas to Germany at the time, and the turbulence happened about 90 minutes into the journey.

In order to protect the privacy of those around her on the plane, Camila only shared a quick glimpse of the scene, but further expanded on what the situation was like in her caption. “The plane was CHAOS,” she continued. “The turbulence [kept] on coming.” She confirmed that everyone was “safe and okay.” The plane had to make an emergency landing in Virginia, right near Washington D.C., and Camila thanked the Marriott Bonvoy for putting her up in a hotel to spend the night.

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Matthew and Camila posing at an event. (SCOTT MOORE/Shutterstock)

She also seemed to reveal that Matthew may have been with her at the time of the incident, or at least met up with her at the hotel, adding, “[Matthew] and I made it to the bar with one minute before closing…slept well, getting on new flight today. To the journey I continue.”

On March 2, Camila took to her Instagram Story to give another update. Although she had gotten on a rescheduled flight, she revealed that the pilot said the plane would be experiencing about “45 minutes of turbulence” on its journey. “Just my luck,” she added.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority confirmed that seven people had been transported to the hospital with “minor injuries” after the emergency landing. “This was so-called clear air turbulence, which can occur without visible weather phenomena or advance warning,” he said, per CNN. The FAA added that the flight began encountering the turbulence at around 37,000 feet while traveling over Tennessee.