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Alex Murdaugh Trial Juror Reveals Why It Took Jury 45 Minutes To Convict The Lawyer Of Murders

One of the jurors revealed that he felt like he could tell that the former attorney was 'lying' in his testimony, before returning with a guilty verdict.

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Craig Moyer, one of the jurors in the Alex Murdaugh murder trial, spoke about how quickly the jury was able to decide the guilty verdict in the trial in a new interview with Good Morning America on Friday, March 3, before Murdaugh was given two life sentences. When the jury began deliberation, he said that there were nine jurors who believed that Murdaugh was guilty, while two felt he was not guilty, and one was not sure. He said that about 45 minutes to an hour after deliberation began, the jurors had “figured it out.”

Craig, who works as a carpenter, admitted that the video that was shown from the day that Murdaugh’s wife Maggie and son Paul were murdered at the kennels at the hunting lodge was what finalized his decision. “The evidence was clear,” Craig said. “You can hear his voice clearly, and everybody else could too.” The juror said he was “surprised” when the former attorney admitted that it was him in the video. “That was his only savior right there,” he said.

When asked about what made Craig “sure” about Murdaugh’s guilt, the juror said that the attorney’s “responses” were what cemented for him that he was a liar.  “His responses. How quick he was with the defense and his lies. Steady lies,” he said. “A good liar, but not good enough.”

Alex Murdaugh stands in court as he receives his sentencing. (Shutterstock)

When asked about Murdaugh’s emotional testimony, the juror said that he couldn’t see real emotion or even actual crying while he was on the stand. “I didn’t think much of him. I didn’t see any true remorse or any compassion or anything,” he said. “He never cried. All he did was blow snot. No tears. I saw his eyes.”

Murdaugh arrives for sentencing. (Shutterstock)

Murdaugh was given two life sentences to be served concurrently on Friday. He was given one sentence for each of the murders, after he was found guilty on Thursday, March 2. At the sentencing, Murdaugh said that he was still innocent and swore that he hadn’t hurt his wife and son.