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‘Stranger Things’ Star Cara Buono Reveals Her Wild ‘Game Of Thrones’ Idea For The Final Season (Exclusive)

Following Millie Bobby Brown's declaration to start 'killing off' characters, 'Stranger Things' star Cara Buono has an idea about how the hit Netflix series could end.

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The final season of Stranger Things is on the horizon, and everyone has their own thoughts and theories about how the epic show could come to an end. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Cara Buono, a.k.a. Karen Wheeler, about the final season, including her thoughts on Millie Bobby Brown’s proposal that the show could go full Game of Thrones and kill off beloved characters.

Cara Buono
Cara Buono in ‘Stranger Things’ season 4. (Netflix)

“I love Game of Thrones. Gosh, that’s a bold idea,” Cara told HollywoodLife at The American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection Concert on February 1. “I guess everyone could be killed off and it’d be great if who survived is baby Holly. Like, if she was the lone survivor and she’d be, like, 5 by now. That could be a whole post-apocalyptic thing that she’s alone and maybe… who knows what happens to her? She’s a blank canvas.”

Cara revealed that she’s “excited” to see what the Duffers come up with for the final season, which is set to begin filming in May 2023. “I never really have my own ideas about it. I just really love everything that they come up with, and I know that sounds like kind of a lame answer, but they’re the geniuses about the whole storyline,” she said.

The actress hopes that there will be more Wheeler family dinners in the fifth and final season. “I hope that there are more of like, in season one, there were a lot of family dinners,” Cara said. “And I loved when the kids came over for dinner… so I hope there’s at least one big dinner at the Wheelers where the kids come over and there’s a lot of awkward stuff going on. That would be really, really fun.”

Cara Buono
Cara Buono at The American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection Concert. (Getty Images for The American Heart Association)

Cara told HollywoodLife how important it was for her to raise awareness about heart health. “My mother has heart disease, and she survived a triple bypass surgery,” she said. “So it’s a disease that, for most women, it is preventable. It’s also genetic. So it’s personal to me. It’s important to raise awareness because it is something that you can make lifestyle choices to prevent and manage as well.”

The Mad Men alum is “very proactive” about protecting her heart health. “I think exercise is very important, nutrition diet, checking things about that affect your cholesterol and lower your stress for your high blood pressure, things like that,” she added.