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Sam Asghari Breaks Silence On Claims Of Britney’s ‘Erratic’ Behavior & Report He Left Her At Dinner

Brtitney Spears' husband is setting the record straight following reports that the singer was acting 'manic' at a restaurant on Jan. 13.

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Sam Asghari has Britney Spears back. The dancer was questioned about Britney’s behavior at a restaurant on Jan. 13 after patrons claimed that the singer started acting erratic when she realized other restaurant guests were taking photos of her. Sam debunked reports that Britney acted in a “manic” behavior at the restaurant. He also shut down the claims that he stormed out on Britney after the restaurant incident.

“People get a little too excited to see my wife,” Sam explained, in a video as seen on TMZ. “Everybody’s filming and doing their thing. Fame comes with the territory. I went to get the car to get the hell out of there. People thought I left, but that didn’t happen. It is what it is, man.”

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Sam and Britney on the red carpet. (Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

When asked to further explain Britney’s actions, Sam added, “It’s frustrating. It’s absolutely frustrating when you sit down to have a meal and people get their cameras out and start filming you. It’s disrespectful.” Sam did acknowledge, again, that dealing with eager fans and paparazzi comes with fame, but Britney has been vocal about how much she hates getting her photo taken by strangers.

Britney addressed the situation herself in an Instagram post on Jan. 15, as well. “I know the news is all hyped about me being a little drunk at a restaurant,” Britney wrote. “It’s like they’ll be WATCHING MY EVERY MOVE. I’m so flattered they talk about me like a maniac THEN have the balls to talk about all the negative things that happened in my past!!!”

Since being freed from her conservatorship in 2021, she has been adamant that she wants to live her life for herself, which she had not been able to do in the 13 years prior. Although Britney often posts on social media, she avoids public events and does her best to not get caught by paparazzi.