‘Fantasy Island’ Cast Teases Elena & Javier’s Romance In Season 2: She ‘Opens Her Heart’ (Exclusive)

Get ready for all-new fantasies. The FOX series 'Fantasy Island' returns for season 2 on January 2, and the cast reveals what to expect on this latest getaway.

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After a long hiatus, Fantasy Island is back for a second season. New visitors will flock to Fantasy Island to fulfill their grandest fantasies. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Roselyn Sanchez, Kiara Barnes, and John Gabriel Rodriquez about what’s ahead.

“We get to see more people have life-changing experiences. We have marital problems that get resolved. Friendships that have become stronger,” Roselyn says. “We have a girl that wants to be a princess and be catered to and not have to think too much about life and then realizes that she needs to believe in herself, which is a very important topic with young girls nowadays.”

Roselyn Sanchez
Kiara Barnes, Roselyn Sanchez, and John Gabriel Rodriguez of ‘Fantasy Island.’ (FOX)

When it comes to Elena and Javier’s relationship, romance is in the air. “I think he asks this woman out. He’s chasing her. She made it kind of difficult for him,” John told HollywoodLife. “He was the pursuer, so she was definitely apprehensive. But I think Javier once he knows what he wants, he goes after it. He’s continuing to pursue this one. We’re gonna explore that.”

Roselyn believes Elena is more than ready for love. “I was even surprised at how ready she is. She goes for it,” the actress revealed. “She opens her heart and things are going to happen… it’s going to be about family and discovery and acceptance and allowing the other person to be and be happy.”

Roselyn also admitted that one of the “biggest” challenges for Elena in season 2 is “trying to maintain this relationship, even though the island is going to throw some curveballs and exploring what we want out of the relationship… I think the chemistry is undeniable, so we get to play with that a little more.”

Elena and Javier
Elena and Javier in ‘Fantasy Island’ season 2. (FOX)

She continued, “As actors, that’s all you can ask for. That’s the dream to be able to do a TV show that goes well and people are invested with the characters and with their thinking and with their journey.”

Ruby and Gina will also still be going strong in season 2, but they will face some challenges. “They’ve spent some time together,” Kiara teased. “Ruby is very comfortable. It feels almost like at home, and we start to realize that maybe some communication is needed between the both of them. Someone might be feeling more hurt than the other and trying to figure out is this a forever thing? Is this only a for now a thing?”

She went on to say, “The first episode of the second season, there’s something happening all the entire episode. It’s one of those things that you really have to tune in because you get like immediate gratification and understanding of everyone’s storyline in the very first episode.” Fantasy Island will air Mondays on FOX.