Eddie Cibrian Responds After Brandi Glanville Claims He Had An Affair With ‘Coyote Ugly’s Piper Perabo

Eddie Cibrian denied in no uncertain terms that he had an affair with Piper Perabo back in 2005 in a pointed statement.

Eddie Cibrian is giving his side of the story. After Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills bombshell Brandi Glanville, 50, accused Yellowstone actress Piper Perabo of having an affair with her ex-husband back in 2005, the actor provided a straightforward statement completely denying it. “I’m sad I have to address this, I really believed that we had come a long way, but this was untrue 19 years ago and it’s untrue now,” Eddie told HollywoodLife via his rep on Tuesday, Dec 20. “Just because someone thinks something might be true does not make it true. This is all so unnecessary. Fun times at the Christmas table await.”

Eddie Cibrian and Brandi Glanville in Los Angeles on Oct 23, 2006. (BEI/Shutterstock)

Earlier in the day, Brandi slammed Eddie, 49, who is now married to country icon LeAnn Rimes, 40, with quite a hefty allegation during an interview with Page Six, stating they were “f***ing” in 2005. “They did a movie together and [my son] Mason was 1 year old and I went to the set and it was in another country, Romania, I think,” Brandi claimed in the interview, also published Dec 20. The reality star also claimed that Piper was “a horrible c***” to her and that Eddie and Piper were “flirtatious” in the open.

“She was flirting with Eddie, like, right in front of me,” she alleged. “I was like, ‘Am I here? Am I the only person [seeing this]? Like, what is happening?’” Brandi claimed the alleged infidelity occurred as the two actors worked together on the 2005 set of The Cave. “I made friends on set and I heard a lot of things,” she told the outlet, adding that crew members told her that, “Piper and Eddie were f***king.”

Piper Perabo in a scene from ‘Coyote Ugly’ in 2000. (Touchstone Pictures/Everett Collection)

This isn’t the first time Brandi has aired her grievances about her marriage with Eddie, with whom she shares sons Mason, now 19, and Jake Cibrian, 15. The former couple were married from 2001, 2010, and Eddie famously went on to marry LeAnn — but an insider told us in April of 2020 that it’s been a struggle between the blended families. “LeAnn, Eddie and Brandi do the best they can to get along, but they will never be the best of friends,” a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY for the report. “They don’t really get along, but Brandi is more outspoken about things than LeAnn and Eddie because that’s Brandi’s personality. She’s no BS and tells it just like it is. They’ve come a really long way, but they live very different lives and struggle to get along properly.”

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