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‘The Voice’s Bodie Reveals Why Blake Shelton ‘Hasn’t Seen’ A Singer Like Him On The Show

'The Voice' semi-finalist Bodie revealed his reaction to coach Blake Shelton admitting that he's learning things from him and more.

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Ahead of Bodie’s top 8 semi-finals performance of Halsey’s “Without Me,” Blake Shelton revealed that Bodie is “actually teaching” him new things at this point. “He knows exactly what he wants to do,” Blake said about his contestant. After the live show, Bodie spoke with reporters, including HollywoodLife, about getting such praise from Blake.

Bodie performing during the top 8 semi-finals. (NBC)

“That was so crazy. We don’t really see our package before the performance. But like, I turned my head and I was trying to listen because it’s really quiet in the studio. When he said that, I was like, ‘Whoa.’ It was right before it ended too, so I’m trying to shake it off that he said that to start singing my song. What a cool thing to hear a legend say. I think I excite him in the fact that I want to make things weirder than they are and flip things and make them fit me. I think that’s something maybe he hasn’t seen on the show before, so that was crazy when he said that. What a crazy compliment,” Bodie said.

On top of his solo performance, the 29-year-old singer teamed up with Brayden Lape for a unique cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” Bodie explained how this incredible version of the song came to be.

“We’re really excited about how it came out. I would say when we originally found out the song, we were told a different version,” Bodie admitted. “It was a little bit more of an upbeat, stripped, folky version, so we were excited about that. And then when we came in, the band actually had a different idea than the original idea. We got to the point where they showed us what they had. We were kind of like, this is cool, but could we get a little bit more energy? They added some more drums to it. So really, it was kind of a collective effort. But the band had a cool vision for it before we even came in the room, which was cool.”

Bodie and Brayden Lape during the top 8 live show. (NBC)

The top 4 singers headed into the season 22 finale will be revealed during the December 6 live results show. Bodie opened up about what making the finale and possibly becoming the new Voice champion would mean to him as an artist.

“It would mean the world to me just simply because I feel so supported by my fans, new and old,” Bodie said. “That’s the most meaningful part of this. And secondly, it would be just the opportunity to continue showing what I can do to my kids and my kids seeing me pursue this dream and then continuing to be inspired by their dad.”