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‘Yellowstone’ Recap: Beth Discovers Jamie’s Secret While Kayce & Monica Lay Their Son To Rest

Jamie helps Beth get out of her nasty bar fight situation, but a shocking discovery further soils their relationship. Meanwhile, Kayce and Monica bury their baby boy.

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Episode 4 of Yellowstone season 5 begins with Beth in a jail cell. She’s still sitting behind bars after that fight at the bar. She gets released and comes face-to-face with Jamie. In a rare moment, Jamie’s finally got something over Beth. She thinks this will easily be swept under the rug, but Jamie says it’s not that simple.

Jamie explains that if the woman Beth assaulted doesn’t file charges, then he will ask the county attorney to show some leniency on Beth. He adds that if this bar fight brawl reaches the press, this will be a major embarrassment for “their father.” Beth sticks the knife in Jamie’s back and reminds him that John is her father. She orders Jamie to stop the woman from filing charges.

Kelly Reilly
Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton. (Paramount Network)

Jamie Helps Beth Avoid A Legal Fight

After a brief meeting with his team, John encounters the U.S. Fish and Wildlife officers. They want to talk about the wolves. One of the officers tells John that they believe the wolves were killed on his ranch and the collars were transported back to the park. They are convinced that John’s cowboys killed those wolves. John calls Rip on speakerphone and asks about the wolves. Rip denies everything as he’s supposed to. Another officer warns John this could get really bad for him if they discover any more proof.

Jamie calls John and explains the Beth bar fight to him. This is exactly what John does not need to deal with right now. He tells Jamie to just keep him posted on how it all goes down. Jamie waits for the woman to arrive at the Bozeman station, and she’s sporting a gnarly black eye.

The woman is adamant about pressing charges, but Jamie reveals that she could be open to prosecution as well. There’s no self-defense in a bar fight. Jamie backs her into a corner and wins this one for Beth.

Kevin Costner
Luke Grimes and Kevin Costner as Kayce and John. (Paramount Network)

Kayce and Monica hold the funeral for their son. Mo and other men from the reservation help to dig baby John’s grave near the family cemetery. Rip and the cowboys stumble across the digging, and Rip gets down to assist.

John has lunch with Lynelle and tells her all about Beth being arrested. Lynelle says that if this doesn’t go away, just ignore it. John wonders about what will happen if Beth is convicted. Lynelle tells John that he could pardon Beth, but that would mean the end of his political career. She strongly advises against that. When John brings up an environmental group related to wolves, Lynelle urges John to stay far away from them.

Beth Learns About Jamie’s Son

Jamie picks up Beth from jail and drives her home in his car. She spots the car seat in the backseat and learns that he has a son. She begins to attack him in the car. He’s forced to stop the car before he crashes. Beth leaps out of the car, and Jamie chases after her. Beth is devastated that Jamie has a child of his own and she never will. “Taking you to that clinic is the greatest regret of my life,” he tells her.

Beth asks who Jamie’s son is named after, and he tells her the truth. This infuriates Beth even more, and she keeps on walking down the road. Jamie says that no one else in the family knows about his son but her. “I’m going to take him from you,” Beth threatens. “Next time you see him you can kiss him goodbye because he’s as good as gone.” She keeps on walking down the road. Jamie goes back to his car and screams. He knows Beth means business. He nearly hits Beth as he speedily drives off.

John and Beth watch the funeral for baby John from a distance. John uses this opportunity to ask Beth about her stint in jail. Beth doesn’t feel like she should be here, so she walks away. John tells her that Kayce and Monica need to know they care enough to stay. After the funeral, Rainwater tells John that they need to talk about canceling the airport project and the jobs he eliminated when he did that. John agrees to come to the reservation.

John Comforts Monica After Her Son’s Funeral

John sits down beside Monica by her son’s grave. John opens up to Monica and reveals that he had a brother for about 18 hours back in the day. His name was Peter. He was born early, and there was not much they could do back then. John tells Monica that the loss hardened his mother, and she never tried to have kids again.

Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner as John Dutton. (Paramount Network)

John tells Monica that her boy lived a “perfect life” just like his brother. “All he knew was you. That you loved him,” he says. This is exactly what Monica needed to hear. Monica and John hug. When he crosses paths with Kayce, John says that naming the baby after him means more than they’ll ever know. John hands Kayce’s badge back. Kayce remains resolute about his decision to resign.

Rip and John have a discussion about the rangers and the wolves. Rip is honest about what really happened. He admits that he tried to outsmart the collars, but he couldn’t. He apologizes and says that the wolves are in a place where no one will ever find them.

Beth Investigates Jamie’s Latest Hookup

Summer is released from prison and walks out to find John waiting for her. She’s got a supervised release for 6 months, and John invites her to stay at the ranch. She stresses that their relationship has to stay purely professional.

Jamie and Sarah have dinner together, and she’s upfront about wanting to find a way to reverse the airport cancellation. She continues to stick her claws in Jamie. They get drunk at the bar while Beth watches them from afar.

As they have a steamy hookup in the bathroom, Beth walks in and goes through Sarah’s purse. She takes a picture of her license and later looks her up online. She finds out that Sarah’s lying about her identity. Beth hears footsteps behind her and finds Summer walking through the house. Beth confronts her in the kitchen, clearly not happy that John’s brought Summer back here. Beth has to get drunk in the early hours to deal with all these developments. Her life just keeps on getting more complicated. Yellowstone season 5 airs Sundays on Paramount Network.