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‘Yellowstone’ Recap: Kayce Makes A Sacrifice & Beth Is Arrested After A Nasty Fight

Beth was taken away in handcuffs after a nasty bar fight, while Kayce chose his family in the wake of his son's death during the November 20 episode of 'Yellowstone.'

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Episode 3 of season 5 begins in the past with young John Dutton. Teen Rip comes across a dead cow and her calf. John inspects the dead cattle, and there’s a debate over whether or not a wolf or dog is the culprit. John knows this is not a dog’s doing. This is a wolf who left the park.

The local ranchers are furious over the wolves that have been brought over here from Canada. John reveals what’s just happened on his ranch. John warns that if the ranchers aren’t protected, then they’ll have to take matters into their own hands.

Cole Hauser
Cole Hauser as Rip. (Paramount Network)

Rip Deflects Questioning About The Wolves

In the present day, Beth is up early to head to Salt Lake City so she can tie up some “loose ends.” On her way out, she sees John on the porch. He’s up reflecting and thinking about Evelyn. He tells Beth that he wishes Evelyn could have lived long enough for Beth to know how much she loved her. Beth doesn’t think that’s all John is thinking about. “You can love a memory all you want, but it can’t love you back,” Beth tells her dad.

She urges her father to find someone to love while he still can. Evelyn’s memory isn’t going anywhere. When Beth gets into her car, she loses control for a moment. She sheds a few tears at the thought of her mother, a rare sighting of an emotional Beth.

It’s officially Lloyd’s birthday and the bunkhouse is ready to celebrate later. Before heading out, Rip finds Carter feeding the calf they found days ago. Rip tells Carter to saddle up. He’s going riding today. Rip’s going to make a cowboy out of Carter no matter what.

Two men from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service show up at the bunkhouse asking about the wolf collars. Rip lies to the officers and deflects. The men have found the collar but not the wolves, and they basically force Rip to join them as they investigate.

Kayce & Monica Make Plans To Bury Their Son

Kayce and Monica try to plan their son’s funeral with Rainwater and Mo. Rainwater stresses that this funeral is “for sending the boy off in the right way.” Mo says the ceremony should be tomorrow, the fourth day since his death. The time for grieving will come in due time.

Luke Grimes
Kayce with Rainwater and Mo. (Paramount Network)

When Monica goes to make breakfast, Kayce has a favor to ask Rainwater and Mo. He reveals that his vision told him that he had to make a choice, so he’s choosing his family. “They are my path,” Kayce says. He’s going to give up being livestock commissioner. The favor he needs is another job. Mo points out that Jamie could appoint Kayce as a state investigator. Rainwater says that the right opportunity for Kayce is on the new path.

As this conversation is still going on, Monica screams and cries in the kitchen. She takes a knife and chops off a chunk of her hair. Mo stops Kayce from running inside to Monica. He stresses that Monica needs to grieve on her own.

Meanwhile, Jamie gets served by the Market Equities attorneys. Sarah and Ellis are in his office waiting for him to arrive. Jamie literally laughs at the lawsuit. Sarah doesn’t say a word. She just watches Jamie do his thing. When Ellis leaves the room, that’s when Sarah speaks up. “You’re better than I expected,” she tells Jamie. She calls him out, too. She is well aware that Jamie knows this whole thing is a mistake. She puts her claws in by asking him out to dinner.

Kayce asks John about burying his and Monica’s son at the ranch. Kayce says that Monica wants a traditional service. John tells Kayce that he’ll give Monica whatever she wants. Kayce also brings up that he’s quitting his livestock commissioner gig. He’s choosing Monica and Tate. This is not ideal for John. “She needs me more. They both do,” Kayce says. John can’t argue with Kayce on this one, so he tells Kayce to pick a spot to bury little John.

Kayce and John in the November 20 episode. (Paramount Network)

On the drive to the casino, Rainwater and Mo find a politician protesting outside. Angela is at the bar waiting for them. She basically threatens Rainwater and vows to “remove him.”

Beth Makes A Bold Move

Beth’s trip to Salt Lake City takes her straight to Schwartz & Meyer where she has a one-on-one with Rob about her grand plan. She explains Market Equities’ plan to sue her and the state, which will inevitably involve Schwartz & Meyer. Beth knows that wants to screw over Market Equities, and she has a way for him to do so. She reveals her master plan. Rob is willing to work for her but wants to give it a day to think it over. Beth stresses that this is a one-day-only offer.

“You can trust me on this, and you know it,” Beth says. Rob signs on the dotted line. Rob jokes that Market Equities may send a hitman after her for this. “After this, the hitman will be after them,” Beth says. Triumphant, Beth returns to the ranch with a smile on her face. She’s ready to celebrate. Carter brings up the bunkhouse birthday celebration, and that’s just the thing for Beth.

Caroline finds out about Beth’s latest chess move. Ellis tells Caroline that the board has asked her to return to New York. Headquarters also wants to drop the suit. Caroline knows she’s struck out, but she urges Ellis to find a way to ruin the Duttons starting with Beth. When Ellis asks if Sarah should stand down, Caroline replies, “There are no rules for Sarah. Turn her loose.”

Beth heads down to the bunkhouse with Rip and Carter. The bunkhouse is happy playing cards, but Beth wants a little more fun. She offers up a trip to a bar in Bozeman. Colby says it’s a bad choice every time to go to a bar in town. Rip tells Beth “no” about going to a bar. She doesn’t listen to him. Beth promises Rip that she’s going to make him have fun.

Beth Is Arrested After A Bar Fight

At the bar, Ryan spots Abby performing. He can’t take his eyes off her. Beth buys the entire bunkhouse shots and drinks. Rip asks Beth to keep her “crazy in check” while she’s at the bar. Later, a woman comes up to Rip and tries to flirt with him. Rip rebuffs her advances as Beth stares her down. Rip knows chaos is about to unfold.

Beth and Rip in the November 20 episode. (Paramount Network)

He’s trying to rally everyone to leave when Beth breaks a beer bottle over the girl’s head and punches her. A brutal fight breaks out. The police are called to the bar, and everyone is brought outside. Beth just can’t resist punching the girl again. Beth is arrested and put in handcuffs.

The sheriff shows up. Rip tries to simmer everything down by saying the bouncer had Beth in a chokehold. The sheriff tells Rip that he and the rest of the bunkhouse can go, but Beth is not getting out of this “problem of her own making.” Rip warns the sheriff that this is his problem now. Beth is read her rights, and the girl says she’s definitely pressing charges.

Rip knows they’re in trouble. He tried to tell Beth this wasn’t a good idea. Beth had a major win and now she’s likely ruined it. Beth Dutton, you in danger, girl.