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Keke Palmer Gives Love To Beyonce’s ‘Renaissance’ Ahead Of The 2023 Grammys: It’s ‘Everything’ (Exclusive)

From one queen to another. When it comes to the upcoming Grammy Album of the Year showdown, Keke Palmer put her support firmly behind Beyoncé and 'Renaissance.'

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Keke Palmer and Beyoncé have more in common than one might think at first glance. They both shine across multiple genres of entertainment. They’re both known for their remarkable style. They both have accomplished sisters. And they both bring “Big Dip Energy” to every one of their projects. When speaking with HollywoodLife about helping to launch Dorito’s Dips ahead of Thanksgiving, the Nope star recalled her last major moment that captured the “Big Dip Energy” in the new line of snack dips. “Okay, we’re talking bold and flavorful and just extra,” Keke told HL. “I mean, outside of my new Doritos commercial, I will probably have to say maybe the [2021] Met Gala.”

“I was definitely giving some Big Dip Energy there. Honey was giving you bold, she was giving you personality, she was giving you originality,” says Keke. “So, I would have to say it’s probably that moment.” Similarly, Beyoncé has slayed at the Met Gala, though she didn’t attend that year with Keke. When it’s brought up that Keke’s Met Gala slayage felt like a lifetime ago, she responds. “I feel like that for the last four years – and that’s a long time, but the last four years for me are jumbled. I thought the dang Lemonade album came out not too long ago. And somebody had to tell me, ‘that was 2016,’ and I was like, damnTime just leaped.

Courtesy of Doritos

When it’s brought up that Beyoncé will again compete against Adele at the Grammys – whose 25 defeated Lemonade for Album of  the Year – Keke put her support behind Queen Bey. “Her Renaissance album is everything,” says Keke. “Hate to go off on a tangent, but since we brought up Beyoncé, I had to tell the truth.”

Keke is all about boldness in her music tastes, fashion choices, and culinary recommendations. She and Doritos launched the line of Doritos Dips on Nov. 17, giving families a chance to stock up ahead of Thanksgiving since the Spicy Nacho and Cool Ranch Jalapeno flavors will help tide everyone over until the Turkey, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and dressing are ready. Fans like Keke, can celebrate Big Dip Energy “by bringing the bold energy that only Doritos can with this new ‘Big Dip Energy’ launch. With the holidays around the corner – they’re already here – I’m just here to help give you that extra boost to know that this is how you’re going to be using these dips.”

(Courtesy of Doritos)

“Whether it’s from pizza to veggies – which always need an upgrade – to wings, the options are everywhere,” she adds. “And they make your food just extra – extra, extra everything that you need.”

Keke also pointed out that fans can win a decked-out kit — including the new DORITOS® Dips and other Doritos-shaped specialty items. To win, fans can comment #BigDipEnergy and #Sweepstakes on the official Doritos Dips launch post on Doritos’ Instagram – along with what food they’d want to Dip in these new flavors – to win. (Click here for more info)

Keke’s next “Big Dip Energy” moment will come on Dec. 3 when she hosts Saturday Night Live for the first time. I definitely feel like — I’m just waiting to get to that week of getting into what the materials are and getting to the rehearsals and just into the fact that hey, we’re going to be doing Saturday Night Live,” she told HollywoodLife while also sharing that Nope director Jordan Peele has given her some pointers ahead of her SNL debut.