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Selena Gomez’s ‘My Mind & Me’ Reveals Why She Wouldn’t Change The ‘Crashing & Burning’ In Her Life

More than a year after Selena Gomez released her Spanish-language EP, she returned to music with the title track to her AppleTV+ documentary.

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Selena Gomez blessed her fans on Thursday (Nov. 3) with the release of “My Mind & Me,” the new song accompanying her upcoming AppleTV+ documentary, Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me. As in the documentary, this new song from Selena, 30, deals with her ongoing struggles of maintaining her mental health while balancing fame, artistic expression, and just existing in this world. However, she sings about not wanting to change those struggles because being open about them can hopefully help others.

“My mind and me, we don’t get along sometimes,” she sings in the chorus. “And it gets hard to breathe, but I wouldn’t change my life and all of the crashing and burning and breaking. I know now, if somebody sees me like this then they won’t feel alone now.” In teh second verse, she touches on this again, adding, “If I pull back the curtain maybe someone’s who’s hurting will be a little more certain they’re not the only one lost.”

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Selena gave fans a look into the construction of the song via an interview with Vulture published on Wednesday. “It happened in a really organic way,” she said of the new song, which plays at the end of the film. “I went through this moment where I was allowing people into my life through my journal, these producers who worked on the song and know me very well; we’ve worked together for a very long time. I remember releasing all of this stuff to them, and I was scared of what they were going to think. But My Mind and Me,’ the idea and the chorus, came up, and it was really moving to me.”

“These people took my story and made it something bigger than me. I was really grateful — I keep saying that, but I truly am someone who’s grateful for these moments. It’s crazy to realize it’s about to be released to everyone else who may feel how I felt,” added Selena. She also indicated that this was not the end of new music from her. “We’ve actually been working for years on this new record, only because I want to be able to grow through my music,” she told Vulture.

“There’s just so much bottled up, and I think that I do a good job, hopefully, of being cautious and being aware of other people’s feelings,” Selena told Zane Lowe about the song in an interview released the same day as the track. “And I’m very vague, and I can be very politically correct. And in my music, I get to really say what I feel. And I think that’s why this song means so much to me, and in a different way than any of my other songs only because I’ve attached this to my mental health and I’m addressing what it is. I mean, it’s completely cathartic for me and I think it goes so well with the documentary.”


“I am the person who’s terrified of what will happen once it’s out,” she says, “so I want it to be really well done and representative of where I am. There is a bunch of fun stuff that I’m so eager to leak, if I’m being honest. I shall not. But I’m so excited. It’ll be fun and refreshing, I think.”

Selena released Revelación, her seven-song EP of mostly Spanish-language music, in March 2021. Her last album, Rare, arrived in 2020. In addition to both those projects, she’s worked with BLACKPINK (“Ice Cream”), Camilo (“999”), Coldplay (“Let Somebody Go”) and Rema (“Calm Down (Remix)”).

Selena has also been busy revitalizing her acting career with Only Murders In The Building, her hit series for Hulu. Her IMDB profile also lists three projects in pre-production: Spiral, a film about a “former influencer whose addiction to social media is causing her body to literally fall apart”; Emilia Perez, a musical comedy about a layer offered to “help a feared cartel boss retire from his business and disappear forever by becoming the woman he’s always dreamed of being”; and In the Shadow of the Mountain, the biopic about mountaineer Silvia Vasquez Lovado.