‘RHOSLC’ Recap: Jen Shah Returns From NYC With Unexpected News About Her Trial

Jen Shah revealed she was 'pissed' upon learning some unexpected news about her trial during the Oct. 26 episode of 'RHOSLC'.

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Jen Shah
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Jen Shah left the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast’s trip to Arizona early because she had to meet her lawyers in New York City for some pre-trial prep work. And when she returned home to Utah during the Oct. 26 episode, she came back with some unexpected news, which was revealed during a sit-down chat with her husband, Sharrieff Shah (aka Coach). “The three days that I was in New York meeting with my attorneys was so grueling. We’re going through mock trials, so how my legal team is preparing me is by saying lies, spewing BS, and just trying to tear [me] down. That’s what this was the last three days. So it feels really good to be home,” she first said in her confessional.

But during their sit-down, Coach suggested they participate in some “soul gazing”, which would help them “connect” with each other on a deeper level. It entailed looking into each other’s eyes, but Jen couldn’t stop laughing during the exercise so it didn’t last very long.

In her confessional, she revealed why they started therapy. “Coach and I originally started therapy after my dad passed away. And I feel like now more than ever, we have to continue through the couple’s therapy to help us navigate through these uncharted waters that neither of us have ever been through or know how to deal with,” she explained.

Then, while sitting with Coach, Jen told him about her trip to New York City. “I had the girls trip in Phoenix, got back on the plane to New York, went to meetings for two solid days with Priya [Chaudhry] and the legal team. I get home Monday only to find out from Priya that the judge is pushing the trial out until July,” she said. “I’ve been working around the clock preparing for trial in three weeks, stressed to the max, trying to fit everything in. I can’t sleep because I’m up all night with a notepad on my nightstand, waking up if I think of something to tell the attorneys and I write it down. And then, all of a sudden, to hear it’s pushed until July… there was just a lot of emotions mixed up when I heard that. I was pissed and angry. I’m just tired of people questioning my innocence, and I can’t talk about it. So I want to go to trial, I want my innocence to be proven so I’m like, ‘Please, let’s get this over with.’ And then we can move on with our life.”

Coach said this whole thing is just a “test” for “all” of them. He believes God “put this” on the both of them, so they can “learn from” it. Then, he ominously told Jen, “our time is coming” — whatever that means. But after this episode was filmed, Jen pled guilty to her wire fraud charges related to a telemarketing scheme that defrauded hundreds of people. She’s set to be sentenced on December 15, and she’s facing up to 14 years behind bars. She said she would accept her punishment as long as it is 168 months or less of prison time. By pleading guilty of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, Jen no longer faces the charge of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Meanwhile, Heather Gay hosted a ski day to reunite the women, but tempers flared when Lisa Barlow discovers Angie H. was also invited. Plus, Whitney Rose attempted to resolve her conflict with Heather, but she realized their friendship might be over.

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