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Cynthia Bailey Feeling ‘Really Good’ About Divorce Decision: We Were Having Issues ‘For A While’ (Exclusive)

Cynthia Bailey doesn't seem to have any regrets about her split with Mike Hill. Just days after they announced their split, Cynthia said she's 'doing well'.

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Following her split with Mike Hill, Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Cynthia Bailey surrounded herself with her favorite girlfriends (her former RHOA and RHUGT co-stars) at this year’s BravoCon. And when HollywoodLife asked her how she’s doing post-split, she said she’s hanging in there.

“I’m doing well, I’m doing well,” she told us EXCLUSIVELY. “After [Mike and I] put out our public statement, I basically I got on a plane and came here to BravoCon. So this has been amazing hanging out with a bunch of crazy housewives. And I haven’t thought about it much at all, but I’m sure, you know, after this is over, I’ll have my moments, but I feel really good. Mike feels good. And I’m really happy that we were able to move forward as friends.”

And the split wasn’t a total shock to Cynthia. She told us that their breakup was sort in the works for a while. “It was a long sort of thought out decision. We were having some issues for a while and we talked about it. And you know, we were coming up on our two-year anniversary. It just happened last week. So we were, you know, we’ve been in talks and we decided to… to just do it. You know, he’s been married before. I’ve been married before. And we always promised ourselves that if we didn’t feel like it was working, [we’d release each other],” she said.

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Cynthia is obviously embarking on a new chapter in her life, but that doesn’t mean she’ll be coming back to RHOA anytime soon. When we asked if it’d be something she’s interested in, she said, “[That] comes up a lot. I get asked that question a lot … but, honestly, I’m really focused on my acting. That’s where my focus is right now, and that’s where I’m really enjoying myself. But I have to say that being here at BravoCon and being around all the housewives, I realized that I kind of miss it a little bit, you know — it’s a lot of fun. But I feel like [if it happens, it’ll] maybe [be] down the road. I won’t ever close that door. I love my Bravo family, my NBC family, and they know how to find me if if I decide that I want to go in that direction.”