Zach Woods & Lenora Crichlow Tease A ‘Focused’ Billie & Matt’s ‘Anger’ At Ryan In ‘Avenue 5’ Season 2 (Exclusive)

After a 2-year wait, 'Avenue 5' is back! Zach Woods and Lenora Crichlow teased season 2, the ship's new normal, and real-life space cruises.

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The space cruise of Avenue 5 is going a bit longer than expected. The HBO series returns for season 2 on October 10 at 10 p.m. ET and will feature a 5-month time jump as passengers and crew adjust to a “new normal” after the vessel was unable to be rerouted, Lenora Crichlow told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “I think we’re all kind of settling into the reality that we’re up there for a bit longer, but the passengers haven’t been told,” she added.

Avenue 5
The cast of ‘Avenue 5’ season 2. (HBO)

When it comes to Billie and Captain Ryan Clark, Lenora noted that Billie’s accepted that “she needs Ryan and Ryan needs her. Because she’s so focused on keeping everything afloat, she leans into that relationship, and I think they have actually found moments of mutual respect and kindness and tenderness, but also complete frustration and they get upset with each other, which is fun to watch and play. They maintain their partnership in keeping the ship in shipshape, should I say, and complementing each other. I think that balance continues.”

Lenora admitted that Billie is going to be keeping herself busy in season 2 because “she’s got a job to do. She sees it as an 8-year shift at work. I don’t think she spends a lot of time thinking about herself personally. The only way she’s going to do that is by getting them home, so she just stays busy on the job. I think that keeps her focused and ends up being the sort of life raft that she holds on to keep her going. I think if she thought about it too much, she’d probably just give up.”

As for Matt Spencer, Zach Woods told HollywoodLife that Matt will develop “a little bit of a strange, roiling anger at Ryan, which was strange and interesting to play. So he’s the same but more, plus rage.” Even though everyone’s stuck on Avenue 5 for 8 more years, Zach pointed out “that time moves differently [for Matt] than your average person. Probably for him, he’s had days that feel longer than decades, and decades that feel shorter than days, when he was just hopped up on crank in a f**king storage unit below an aquarium.

Lenora Crichlow
Lenora Crichlow as Billie. (HBO)

Now that civilians like William Shatner, Michael Strahan, and Jeff Bezos are going to space, the idea of a space cruise doesn’t seem so far away. Lenora told HollywoodLife that she “wouldn’t be surprised” if space cruises happen sooner rather than later. “The way that we’ve advanced technologically so fast I wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple of years Avenue 5 is a completely realized reality from all the little things that we have going on there. After the pandemic, everything in our show just seemed less and less ridiculous,” she said.

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