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Sheree Zampino Reveals Whether Ex Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Will Ever Appear On ‘RHOBH’

Sheree Zampino spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about her future on 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,' and if her famous ex-husband will ever pop up on the reality show.

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Sheree Zampino
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Sheree Zampino, 54, was a welcome addition to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as an ally and close confidant to fan-favorite Garcelle Beauvais. But since Sheree was only a “Friend”, we didn’t get to see anything from her son Trey Smith, 29, who she shares with ex-husband Will Smith. When Sheree did an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife, we asked if her former spouse and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith will ever appear on the Bravo series, should Sheree return for season 13.

“I would never ask them. I just wouldn’t,” Sheree said about Will, 54, and Jada, 51, on the latest episode of the Pay Attention Puh-Lease! podcast. “My son is different. But I wouldn’t ask them.”

“They got enough drama, they got enough stuff to deal with,” Sheree added, referencing the incident at the 2022 Academy Awards, where Will slapped Chris Rock in the face after the comedian made a joke about Jada’s bald head. “There is no kinda way,” Sheree added of asking Will and Jada to film scenes for RHOBH.

Sheree Zampino; Will & Jada Pinkett Smith
Sheree Zampino; Will & Jada Pinkett Smith (Photo: Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

As for her son Trey, Sheree confirmed that she’d film with her only child if the producers offer her a diamond for the next season, whether he likes it or not.

“My son is almost uncomfortable with being just kinda out there in the limelight. He’s not completely comfortable with that. But he would,” she told us. “I’m sure he would do it for me. We have such a beautiful dynamic that it would be nice to show that. I think he would do it for me. And I would ask him. He’s such a big part of my life.”

Sheree Zampino
Sheree Zampino on ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ (Photo: Casey Durkin/Bravo)

Sheree also revealed to us that she was originally in the mix to be a full-time cast member on season 12, but ultimately she got the second “Friend Of” role alongside Kathy Hilton. If Sheree gets bumped up for season 13, she’s prepared to show much more of her personal life to the world.

“When I was going through the process it wasn’t the process to be a friend. So I already knew that’s what comes with the territory. I wouldn’t do it if I felt like, ‘Oh my god, I couldn’t open up my life’. What would be the point? That’s what you sign up for,” she said.

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