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‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Jill Storms Off In Tears After Fight With Kira Over Romeo

Romeo Alexander found himself in the midst of a love triangle between Jill Chin and Kira Mengistu on the premiere of 'Bachelor in Paradise,' and it led to tears being shed on night one!

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The very first love triangle of season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise popped off during the show’s premiere on Sept. 27. Romeo Alexander was caught in between Jill Chin and ira Mengistu, both of whom he knew before the show. Jill and Kira were both on season 26 of The Bachelor, while Romeo was from season 18 of The Bachelorette. During the BIP premiere, Jill revealed that she had been spending some time with Romeo after filming. However, things took a turn when she found out that he had kissed Kira during a night out. Romeo also revealed that he and Kira had gone to school together.

Coming to Paradise, though, Romeo was hoping to pursue Jill. “I spent the past few months after Michelle [Young]’s season living my best life,” Romeo admitted. “But I just want to pursue Jill if she’s here. I’d love to have a conversation with her. I feel like we have a little more air to clear. It’s been so long since I’ve seen her, but I still think there’s something there between me and Jill. But I’m afraid that Kira will be here. But as long as she doesn’t get in the way…it’s me and Jill.”

jill chin kira mengistu
Jill and Kira on season 8 of ‘BIP.’ (ABC)

Romeo had the chance to chat with Jill once he arrived. He told her that he “regretted” that they were no longer as close as they once were. When he asked Jill whether his kiss with Kira was part of the reason they drifted apart, she responded, “I didn’t know a lot of things were happening in your life and I wish I had a little more insight into what was going on. I felt like that was a shock to me.”

At that point, Kira conveniently arrived on the beach and interrupted the conversation. She also took it upon herself to pick up Jill’s beverage and start drinking it. Jill wasted no time getting up and leaving. “Kira and I were good friends, but she’s always gone after guys I liked,” Jill explained. “And now she steals my drink!? If that’s how she wants to play, that’s fine. I mean, if she wants to go toe-to-toe…gloves on.”

Jill then went to fill in some of the other girls about what was happening. “I met Romeo [before] and we were close,” she explained. “We were friends. When I was down there, we were talking, and then Kira comes and steals my drink and starts talking to him. I was like…okay, you guys catch up. I just don’t care to do that. It’s just exhausting.” In a confessional, she added, “Romeo and I were there for each other at a time in our lives that was very tumultuous. I do miss that friendship. We haven’t really been able to talk, and of course, we’re having a conversation and Kira comes and interrupts. So the ball is in his court. He has to show me actions.”

Later that night, Jill and Romeo got some more alone time, and he admitted that he was annoyed at Kira’s previous interruption. Jill urged him to communicate his feelings better, which is when he flat out told her that he liked her and didn’t have a connection with Kira. Jill told him to prove it to her with his actions, and they kissed. Afterward, Jill was “feeling really good” about the situation and ready to see what the future could hold for them.

romeo alexander
Romeo arriving in Mexico for ‘BIP’. (ABC)

Kira had other plans, though. “I’m hopeful there’s going to be something between me and Romeo,” she admitted in a confessional. “Jill and Romeo kissing? I think that she’s just trying to get a rose.” Once again, Kira interrupted Jill and Romeo’s alone time, and Jill was pissed. Romeo finally told Kira that he was connecting with Jill, and asked her to let him “pursue Jill in peace.” She told him that she respected the decision, but was clearly still hurt deep down.

“I didn’t do anything to deserve this,” Kira said. “I thought we were a good match and I thought he was smart and funny and we had good conversations. F*** him. F*** her. I was counting on his rose and it doesn’t look like I’m going to get that. I just got played and I hate that. I hate them.”

Jill and Kira finally tried to hash things out themselves. Jill called Kira out for always interrupting her alone time with Romeo, and said that it was intentional. “I just feel like I’ve been gaslighted,” Kira admitted. “You and Romeo, you’ve been telling me he’s just a friend, and now you’re romantically connected.” Kira also accused Jill of “disrespecting” and “slut shaming” her. They were clearly not on the same page and talking in circles. Jill stormed off from the conversation in tears and ended the episode crying in bed.

However, Kira wasted no time moving on. “Romeo’s a little boy and he handled it like a little boy,” she ranted. “I need a man. If anything, the Romeo and Jill situation…those were my shackles and now they’re off and I’m free to really enjoy Paradise.” She spent some time cozying up to Casey Woods as night one came to an end.