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‘Outer Banks’ Season 3 Teaser: John B, JJ & The Pogues Live It Up & Face Even More Danger

Get ready, Pogues. The great adventures of the 'Outer Banks' crew will continue in season 3. The first teaser trailer was revealed at Netflix's annual TUDUM event.

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The first Outer Banks season 3 teaser picks up with the Pogues living on their own in Poguelandia, the deserted island they stumbled across at the end of last season. “My pops always said, ‘Nothing good comes easy. Nothing worthy is given. Question is, what are you willing to do to win? How far will you go to get your treasure?'” John B says in the teaser.

Outer Banks
The Pogues at the end of season 2. (Netflix)

The Pogues will be facing their fair share of danger in season 3, which will premiere in 2023. Ward and Rafe are not going to go away quietly. There are some brief glimpses of crazy fights, car chases, and a JJ and Kiara hug that will give the Jiara shippers life. The teaser ends with JJ jumping off a cliff into the water below. Gotta love that fearless JJ!

Outer Banks season 3 got the green light in December 2021 after the second season’s success in July 2022. The Netflix series made a major splash during the pandemic when it debuted in April 2020. The quarantine hit’s popularity has only grown over the last 2 years.

The season 2 finale was full of major moments for John B, JJ, Kiara, Pope, Sarah, Rafe, and more. After faking his death, Sarah and the rest of the Pogues found out that Ward Cameron was still alive. The Pogues made their way onto a ship to save Sarah, and they all managed to escape on a lifeboat. They ended up on a deserted island.

Madelyn Cline
Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes as Sarah and John B. (Netflix)

The big reveal of the finale was the bombshell that John B’s dad, Big John, is still alive. Carla Limbrey went to Barbados after getting a letter about the shroud she’s been searching for all season long. Big John agreed to help Carla get the shroud if she helped out his son.

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Chase Stokes back in April 2022 about the highly-anticipated third season. “Season 3 is going to be even more of a wild ride. These characters have been put through insane circumstances in the last 20 episodes, so I can say it’s just going to continue on that trend,” Chase said. “A lot of epiphanies, a lot of growth for all of these kids. They’re kind of forced to, especially with where it was left off being stuck on a deserted island. It’s gonna be a fun one, that’s for sure!”