‘Bachelorette’ Star DeMario Jackson Sued For Sexual Assault by 2 Women 5 Years After Show Scandal

Two women filed lawsuits as Jane Does against 'The Bachelorette' alum alleging that the reality star had sexually assaulted each of them.

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DeMario Jackson is being sued by two women for sexual assault. The court documents, obtained by HollywoodLife, contain allegations from each plaintiff, who have filed the claim anonymously, about separate instances with The Bachelorette star, 35. The filing details very graphic instances of the alleged assaults from each woman.

The first Jane Doe, 25, claimed that she had met Jackson on a dating app, and he unexpectedly exposed himself  while in a car on their first date. After he apologized, she agreed to see him again. She detailed an incident in February 2018 when he unexpectedly arrived when she had a night out with her friends, and he appeared drunk. She had taken him back to her apartment to sleep off any alcohol in his system, but let him know that she didn’t plan on engaging in sexual activities with him. The woman claimed that she woke up in the middle of the night and Jackson forced himself on top of her and assaulted her. “Jane Doe 1 was in shock and was in excruciating pain,” the filing states.

The two women have anonymously filed claims against Jackson. (Shutterstock)

The woman said that she completed a rape kit and was tested for STDs. The claim also explains the impact of the alleged assault on the woman. “Due to the sexual assault, Plaintiff Jane Doe 1 has trouble feeling safe, suffers from constant anxiety, and experiences problems sleeping. She has been forced to go onto disability leave from work. The sexual assault herein has been by far the most traumatic experience of her life,” the filing said.

The second Jane Doe, 28, claimed to have met the reality star on social media, and after expressing interest in getting into the entertainment industry, Jackson asked her on a date in July 2020. He told her that the date would need to be at his home, because his appearances on The Bachelorette would draw public attention. While at his place, Jackson allegedly was “incessant” in pressuring her to have anal sex, and she reluctantly agreed. The woman claimed that she told him to stop and pushed him away, but alleged that after shoving him off, he forced himself on her once again.

After the alleged assault, the second woman was also tested for STDs, and she’s undergone therapy following the incident. “Jane Doe 2 remains traumatized and utterly distressed at the occurrences described herein,” the documents state.

Jackson’s attorney Walter Mosley Jr. denied the claims in a statement received by HollywoodLife. “The allegations brought against him are completely unfounded,” the statement read. “As the Plaintiffs’ own complaint clearly states, the police, who DeMario fully cooperated with over 3 years ago, found these women’s accusations to have no merit and then refused to pursue the matter. In the days to come, we will release the evidence we shared with the police at the time of the alleged incidents.” He continued, “Unfortunately, DeMario and I will have to take up this fight again to clear his name. Like before, we will have the same name-clearing result.”

The lawsuit comes five years after ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ was halted due to a controversy with Jackson. (Christopher Polk/Heineken/Shutterstock)

Both women have called for a jury trial and are seeking compensatory damages, punitive damages, costs of the lawsuit, and any other relief the court may find fitting. If they do not reach a settlement, the first court date is expected to be held in March 2024.

The lawsuit comes five years after the production of Bachelor In Paradise was put on hold following an incident between Jackon and his co-star Corinne Olympios. Producers brought the reality show to a halt after Jackson and Olympios had hooked up in 2017. An investigation into any alleged sexual misconduct was held following the instance. A third party had not found evidence of sexual misconduct, following the hookup.

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