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Lisa Rinna Alleges That Kathy Hilton Said She Will ‘Destroy’ Kyle Richards & Her Family: Watch

The shocking allegation came after Lisa Rinna said Kathy Hilton had a 'complete metldown' during a ladies' trip to Aspen. Watch the clip here.

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Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton
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The upcoming Sept. 21 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills picked up on the drama that ended last week’s show, and a lot is going on with Kathy Hilton. The 63-year-old socialite and fashion designer had an “absolute meltdown” according to Lisa Rinna, 59, in the below sneak peek, and other cast members detailed her fiery behavior in similar ways. Her reported meltdown ended with Kathy saying she promises to “destroy” her half-sister Kyle Richards and her family. Kathy reportedly unleashed her wrath after getting worked up at a bar in Aspen following a busy day adhering to Kyle’s itinerary.

“Kathy was just a little off,” Sutton Stracke, 52, recalled in the clip. “She kept asking everyone to do the conga line and I don’t think anybody wanted to do it. The next thing I know, she’s in my face saying she wanted to go home and, ‘If you don’t go home with me, you are not my friend.'” Sutton said no one wanted to leave the bar because they had not been there for long, including Kathy’s sister, Kyle, 53.

However, Lisa eventually agreed to go back to Kyle’s Aspen vacation home, which is when Kathy reportedly released her fury. “We get in the sprinter van and Kathy starts screaming about everything. And she’s saying things like, ‘I’m gonna take down NBC, Bravo. I will take down this show single-handedly. I will f—king ruin you all,” Lisa claimed. Apparently, once they arrived at Kyle’s place, Kathy’s anger exploded even more.

Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton
Kyle Richards said she did not want to go back to her own home after learning about how her sister, Kathy Hilton, acted (Photo: Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

“She takes her glasses off, she throws them on the ground, she’s jumping up and down breaking her glasses. She’s pounding the walls,” Lisa said to the camera. “And she’s screaming she made Kyle. Kathy’s responsible for Kyle and she said, ‘I will destroy Kyle and her family if it’s the last thing I ever do.'”

Later on in the clip, the women boarded their private jet to head back to Los Angeles, and Kathy refused to go with them, instead opting to sleep in Kyle’s house alone. Lisa later speculated in a one-on-one with the camera that Kathy’s concerning outburst may be rooted in jealousy. “Kyle is way more famous and way more successful than Kathy Hilton has ever been,” she noted. “I think that it’s been hard for Kathy to have it all and then have her sister have more.”

Last week’s episode teased Kathy’s alleged “breakdown”, while Lisa revealed Kathy’s public persona is much different than who she really is. “I know the idea of Kathy Hilton — this socialite is kind, is loving, is a pillar of society — the world thinks she’s somebody that she’s not,” she stated. The full drama will be unraveled during the Sept. 21 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills at 8 pm on Bravo.