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‘RHOBH’ Recap: Kathy Hilton Has Alleged ‘Meltdown’ & Blasts Sister Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards' perfect day in Aspen got ruined by drama over tequila and one monumental meltdown, during the Sept. 14 episode of 'RHOBH'.

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The Sept. 14 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ended in the most devastating way, and it all started when the ladies went hat shopping. The shopping excursion was actually part of Kyle Richards‘ perfect day, which she planned for everyone while they were in Aspen. However, Erika Jayne‘s behavior the night before threw things out of kilter. After Kyle went after Erika for lacking empathy, Erika decided she didn’t want to partake in any of Kyle’s planned activities, and that included the special hat shopping experience. Kyle didn’t love that, but what upset her even more was the fact that Dorit Kemsley chose to spend the day giving Erika a shoulder to cry on. So Kyle spent most of the day fuming over Erika and Dorit’s behavior, but she wasn’t the only one upset. Kyle’s sister Kathy Hilton was also pretty pissed, however, she was mad for another reason.

While the ladies were shopping for hats, the store offered everyone an alcoholic beverage. Kathy was thrilled to see they had her tequila line on hand, but instead of drinking that, Lisa Rinna chose to sip on 818 tequila because it’s her friend Kendall Jenner‘s tequila. Kathy couldn’t believe that Lisa would choose to promote 818 over her own line of tequila — while on camera — and she got even more mad when Kyle didn’t do anything to stop it. So Kathy packed up her things, left the store, and went back to Kyle’s Aspen house.

Kyle didn’t seem too phased by Kathy’s behavior. She was more focused on how Erika and Dorit were disappointing her. But all of it combined made her shed a few tears. And then, when she returned to the house and reunited with Dorit, she screamed at her longtime friend. “F*** you!”, she yelled, as Dorit tried apologizing and explaining that she felt caught in the middle of her two friends. Things got pretty heated, but Kyle’s husband Mauricio Umansky diffused the situation by helping them realize that it was an outside element (Erika’s behavior) causing issues between them. So they hugged and decided to move on.

Later, everyone came back together for a pizza party at some restaurant, which is where Kyle and Erika worked out their issues as well. Erika explained that she can’t really have any empathy for the victims since it’s all being handled legally. There’s only so much she can say, she told Kyle. Kyle accepted that and moved on, but the other ladies couldn’t let it go. So much so, in fact, that Erika called Crystal Kung Minkoff an “a**hole” for pushing the issue.

Still, the night carried on, and everyone ended up going to a bar together since Kyle insisted. And that’s when everything went from bad to worse. In the final minutes of this week’s episode, it was revealed that Kathy allegedly had a “meltdown”. Lisa made the claim in a text sent to Erika that said, “I got in a sprinter with Kathy and she had an absolutely melt down I’ve never heard or seen anything like it in my life. Anger screaming throwing things crying. Im locked in my room.” She then added, “The hatred that just came out of her towards her sister… im speechless”.

Then, in her confessional, Lisa said, “I know the idea of Kathy Hilton — this socialite is kind, is loving, is a pillar of society — the world thinks she’s somebody that she’s not.”

Finally, in a text sent from Kathy to Lisa on the same night as her alleged “meltdown”, she said, “Silence is golden. I am staying silent.” And the rest is “to be continued”.

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