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‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Finale Recap: Kayla Sessler & Luke Davis Split

The Sept. 13 season finale of 'Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant' featured a number of breakups, but the most heartbreaking split was Kayla and Luke's.

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That’s a wrap! Both Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant and Kayla Sessler’s relationship with Luke Davis ended on Sept. 13, and we’re not sure we were totally prepared for that. While we’ve gotten used to our favorite Teen Mom shows taking breaks between seasons, the demise of Kayla and Luke’s romance threw us for a loop. We really thought those two kids would make it, but alas, nothing good lasts forever.

Kayla made the decision to finally end her relationship with Luke when he failed to make any positive changes in his life. She had previously given him an “ultimatum” and asked him to make some improvements in his life within 30 days, but he didn’t do a single one. So she’s now moving on and looking for a place of her own — even if that means she’ll now have to learn how to co-parent with one of her kids’ dads. As for Luke? Well, he basically shut down during their final conversation before telling Kayla that everything is always about her and what she wants. She cried and then stormed out, leaving little hope for a future reconciliation.

But they weren’t the one ones to break up during the season finale. Rachel Beaver also split up with boyfriend Noah in hopes for a fresh start with daughter Hazelee, but as she tried to make plans for her future, the drama between her and her family continued. Basically, her mom told her it was a mistake to break up with Noah — “You’re throwing your whole life away!” she yelled during a heated argument — but Rachel said Noah never flirted with her or appreciated her, so she didn’t want him to be her boyfriend anymore. She also asked her mom to seek therapy so they could have a better relationship, and her mom laughed in her face. Her mom said that she’s the one who needs therapy because she’s always fighting with everyone.

Meanwhile, Brianna Jaramillo took son Braeson to his first occupational therapy appointment. And there, Brianna got some advice on how Braeson should respond to classmates who ask why his arm is missing. But she really didn’t have to ask the therapist because Brianna just channeled her inner Lady Gaga and told him to say, “I was born this way”.

Later, Madisen Beith decided to stay in Arkansas and co-parent with Christian before revealing that she’s in a new relationship… with her best friend’s brother. And Kiaya Elliott and Teazha opened their home to X’Zayveon as the three of them worked on co-parenting Amour.