Britney Spears Drops Tell-All Voice Memo About Her Conservatorship

After admittedly turning down Oprah and other offers to be interviewed, Britney Spears has come forward to tell her story on her own terms.

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Image Credit: Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency / MEGA

UPDATE: Shortly after posting her voice note, Britney moved the video to private on Youtube and removed her tweet promoting it.

Britney Spears opened up about her controversial conservatorship in an extended, since-deleted video shared on her YouTube channel on Sunday, August 28. Britney, 40, reflected on her time and spoke about how wrong the treatment she received during it was. “I knew in the deepest, deepest part of my core. I knew I’d done nothing wrong and I didn’t deserve the way I’d been treated,” she said.

The “Piece of Me” pop star had said that she recalled learning about being put in the conservatorship from her father Jamie and mother Lynn. She called out her dad in particular for the way that she was treated. “It was pure abuse. And, and I haven’t even really shared even half of it. I think the main thing I do remember when I first started was my dad’s control. He loved to control everything I did,” she alleged.

Britney tweeted the link to the audio recording. (Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency / MEGA)

Britney also recalled filming a cameo for How I Met Your Mother and returning to the recording studio after spending some time in the hospital. ” All I do remember is I had to do what I was told. I was told I was fat every day I had to go to the gym, I had to just, and I’d never remember feeling so demoralized. And just, they made me feel like nothing. And I went along with it because I was scared,” she claimed.

Britney opened up about a number of heartbreaking instances where she felt alienated during her conservatorship, and she finished by saying that she hoped by sharing her story, she could offer hope to others. “If you’re a weird, introvert oddball like me, who feels alone a lot of the time and you needed to hear a story like this today so you don’t feel alone. Know this: my life has been far from easy and you’re not alone,” she said.

The singer simply tweeted out the link to the unlisted YouTube video, which is just a white screen with the “Hold Me Closer” singer speaking about what she felt while she was in the conservatorship. The video was quickly made private again. At the start of the clip, she explained that she’d received numerous offers to share her experiences, including  “I really don’t think any of that is relevant to getting paid to tell your story, I feel like it’s kind of silly. So I’m, I’m here, honestly, just to open myself to others and try to shed a light on,” she said. Aside from the voice memo, Britney is also expected to release a tell-all memoir about her experiences.

Since Britney was released from her conservatorship in November, the singer has celebrated the fact that she’s no longer held under the conservatorship in her social media posts. After a judge ruled to free her from the conservatorship, she released a statement at the time thanking fans for the support. “I think I’m gonna cry the rest of the day,” she said. “Best day ever … praise the Lord … can I get an Amen ?”