Britney Spears’ Tell-All Book Reportedly Delayed Due To Paper Shortage

Britney Spears' upcoming memoir, which is supposed to include stories about her childhood, successful music career, and 13-year conservatorship, is reportedly finished but the release date has yet to be determined.

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Britney Spears fans have to hold on just a big longer to read her first-ever memoir. The 40-year-old singer has reportedly finished writing her tell-all book, which will reportedly include stories about her childhood, successful music career, and 13-year conservatorship, but due to a paper shortage, its publisher, Simon & Schuster, is having trouble coming up with a set release date, TMZ reported. Sources told the outlet that the original release date was planned for Jan. 2023 but it looks like that may not happen because of the lack of paper.

The shortage reportedly happened after more books were ordered over the quarantine period of COVID-19 during the past couple of years, causing a less paper supply. The lack of the availability of paper was also apparently caused by people walking off their manufacturing jobs at paper plants, resulting in ongoing labor shortage. It’s also still not known when the paper shortage will be resolved, TMZ further reported.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears is reportedly finished writing her memoir. (Brian J Ritchie/Hot Sauce/Shutterstock)

Britney’s deal for her book was signed in Feb. 2022 and reportedly included a $15 million advance. It was one of the biggest book deals for a memoir in history, trailing behind Barack and Michelle Obama‘s deals, which were with Penguin Random House for over $60 million. The in-depth personal look at her life is definitely something fans have been looking forward to and something Britney, herself, has previously stated she wants to be able to tell her story from her perspective.

Before the news about the shortage made headlines, Britney got attention for going to a bar for the first time in 13 years. She took to her Instagram story to share a video of her having fun with a friend at a busy bar. “This is my first time at a bar, first time,” she captioned the story. “I feel so fancy and I feel so sophisticated.”

Britney Spears
Britney Spears poses at a previous event. (Kristina Bumphrey/Starpix/Shutterstock)

“So glad they took my rights way for 13 years to have a cocktail,” she also typed out in pink letters in a message. “I’m so grateful yall !!!” Britney was freed from her 13-year conservatorship in Nov. 2021. Since then, she’s gotten married and has regularly posted about her thoughts, including her frustrations with certain friends and family, on social media.