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RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey Reacts To Melissa Gorga Not Attending Teresa Giudice’s Wedding

Cynthia Bailey got to know both Teresa and Melissa on the first season of 'RHUGT' -- she also attended Tre's wedding -- so she's now sharing her thoughts on their latest drama.

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Cynthia Bailey revealed she had an amazing time at Teresa Giudice‘s wedding on August 6, but she was “surprised” to not see Teresa’s sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, in attendance. During an appearance on HollywoodLife‘s Real Housewives podcast, Pay Attention, Puh-Lease!, the RHOA alum, who was promoting her Aug. 16 appearance on E!’s Celebrity Beef with Todd Bridges, gushed over Teresa’s extravagant wedding. And since she got to know both Teresa and Melissa on the first season of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, we had to know what she thought of their latest drama.

Teresa’s wedding was “incredible”, Cynthia first revealed when asked about the big New Jersey event. “I’ve never been to a wedding like that before. In my mind, I was trying to tally up how much a wedding like that would cost, but I stopped at the flower arrangements. I thought, ‘This is crazy!’ I’ve never been to an Italian wedding. Those people know how to eat. I’ve never seen so much food in my life. Like honestly — it was almost too much food. There was food everywhere — any kind of food you could think of, and it was just amazing. I wish everyone could have been invited to that wedding just to eat up some of the food. It was incredible,” she said before we asked about those who were invited. More specifically, Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, and his wife Melissa, who admitted they turned down attending the event after they got into a huge fight with the bride while filming the RHONJ season finale just a few days prior.

Various reports claim that a new cheating rumor surfaced during filming. Nothing has been confirmed, but either way, Melissa and Joe recently said on her podcast that the drama was way too “toxic” for them to feel right about attending Teresa’s wedding and wishing her luck on her marriage with Luis Ruelas.

Still, Cynthia said “family is family”, and she expected to see Melissa at the wedding — regardless of the drama they’re facing. “I was surprised to not see [Melissa] at the wedding, and you know, Teresa’s brother. Only because they are family at the end of the day. Now, what I did learn on Girls Trip was that [Teresa and Melissa] are not close. I just got the feeling that if they were not on TV together — if they weren’t married into a family together — they didn’t come off as two women that would organically be friends. So that part, I was clear on, after doing Girls Trip with them. But I thought at the end of the day, family first. At the end of the day, you support each other.”

Want more of Cynthia? She’ll face-off against her former Big Brother co-star, Todd Bridges, on a new episode of E!’s Celebrity Beef airing Tuesday, Aug. 16, at 10pm. And to hear more of what Cynthia had to say about Teresa’s wedding, her special conversation with Kenya Moore at the event, and whether she’d return to RHOA, listen to our full podcast episode above!