‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Preview: Whitney Reveals Relationship Status With French Man

Whitney Way Thore and BFF Todd have a catch-up session in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the 'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' premiere, and she reveals what's going on with the French Man.

Whitney Way Thore opens up to Todd Beasley about how her mom’s hospitalization is worrying her in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the August 9 premiere episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. If her mom doesn’t get better, Whitney is wondering if her mother will ever be able to meet the French Man in person.

Whitney Way Thore
Whitney Way Thore talks to Todd about French Man. (TLC)

“I just thought about all the people that I may meet and they wouldn’t get to meet my mother, and they wouldn’t get to know my mother,” Whitney says when talking about her parents’ mortality. “The French Man may not meet her. Even though he’s met her on the phone and stuff, it’s not the same.”

Todd chimes in and asks if the French Man is going to be an “essential person” that her mom is going to want to meet. “He’s really that big a deal?” Whitney is shocked by Todd’s comments. Todd just says that he thought the relationship had “fallen off.” He adds, “I’ve never seen him.”

“I did spend the summer in Paris,” she says. “I did end up staying a few weeks longer than I had anticipated, and it was wonderful. I met the French Man. I would say we hit it off, but we had already hit it off, so it just felt like a natural continuation of what we started through our phones.”

Whitney Way Thore
Whitney Way Thore gives an update about the French Man. (TLC)

After her heartbreak with Chase Severino, Whitney has found love again with the French Man. “I can’t believe it turned out like I wanted it to, that he was who I wanted him to be,” she gushes. “I’m still pinching myself because l feel like it went too perfectly, but I’m going to enjoy it while it’s lasting before everything goes to shit as things often do.” My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 9 will air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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