‘HSMTMTS’ Recap: Nini Learns A Family Secret & ‘Frozen’ Auditions Begin

Nini reunited with someone special from her past, while Gina had her eyes on the lead role during 'Frozen' auditions on the August 3 episode of 'High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.'

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Joshua Bassett
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EJ is slightly freaking out about directing Frozen. Gina has all the faith in him, at least to his face. She was secretly hoping that they would get to play leads together. EJ is clearly nervous about his new role and doesn’t want Gina to say anything to the rest of the crew for now.

Carlos has a “come to Jesus” meeting with Ricky ahead of the auditions. Carlos tells Ricky he can’t just “Zefron” his way through this time. Ricky promises that he’ll learn the names of the male leads. He says one of them is named Gary. “None of them are Gary,” an exasperated Carlos says.

Joshua Bassett
Ricky and Carlos at Camp Shallow Lake. (Disney+)

Ricky swears he’s kidding — or is he? Ricky just wants to have fun this summer. “Fun is for the ensemble,” Carlos quips.

Ricky & Gina Start Over

Meanwhile, Gina has her eyes on the lead this summer. As much as she loved auditioning with Ashlyn and Kourtney during the school year, Gina says she feels like she needs to “stand on my own this summer. This segues into an epic Sofia Wylie solo number called “Balance.” Give her the lead, you cowards!

When Gina walks out of her cabin, she immediately runs into Ricky. There’s a whole awkward should they fist bump or hug it out? They do end up hugging. Gina tells Ricky that she wants them to start over, so Ricky literally rewinds himself backward. That’s not what Gina meant. Ricky is the definition of a goofball.

“We’re in a new place. We’re different people now. We can start fresh. No drama. No chocolates,” Gina says.

Nini Learns Who Her Father Is

Meanwhile, Nini has made it to Los Angeles with her parents. They ask her if she remembers Marvin. Turns out, Marvin was her parents’ sperm donor. Marvin and Nini get a chance to talk alone after the big reveal. Later, Marvin assures Nini that the “best is yet to come,” which gives us a terrific Olivia Rodrigo solo moment.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Marvin. (Disney+)

Gina walks into the audition room and immediately spots EJ with Val, the choreographer, played by Zombies star Meg Donnelly. “She and EJ go way back,” Maddox reveals to Gina, and the wheels are already spinning in her head. EJ does tell Val that he’s directing the show, and they take over casting together.

Kourtney offers to help Maddox with anything she needs for the show, but Maddox turns her away. Maddox is well aware that she’s an “acquired taste,” but she’s struggling with making friends this summer.

While Ricky tries to act like he doesn’t care about what happens this summer, the boy grabs his snowsuit for auditions. A couple of eighth graders try to talk to Gina ahead of the auditions, and Gina 1.0 comes out swinging. “You two aren’t even friends. You’re the competition,” Gina warns.

Frozen Auditions Begin

The auditions kick off with a performance of “For the First Time in Forever” before transitioning to “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?” Everyone’s slaying it. While Ricky is singing, complete in his snowsuit in the middle of summer, Gina looks at him from backstage! (Rina shippers, I know you caught that.)

Dewey stresses to Jet that he can’t just sit around this summer. He pushes him to go try out for the musical. After auditions, everyone is wondering what they should do next. Everyone is asking EJ questions, and he gets flustered. Maddox, the stage manager, comes in for the save and helps guide everyone to their places.

Suddenly, Jet walks in the door. EJ and Ricky encourage him to audition. His voice is incredible. Watch out, Ricky!

Meg Donnelly
Meg Donnelly plays Val, the choreographer. (Disney+)

When EJ brings up how Val is the “best,” Gina begins her self-defense mechanisms. She starts to insinuate that maybe they should take a break. “You and me? The only thing I’m not worried about,” EJ promises. However, he does think they should maintain a professional distance at rehearsals.

Kourtney and Ashley are still giving the side-eye to Maddox. They’re not quite sure what she’s up to. Gina comes to her defense and says that she’s harmless. But is she?! Meanwhile, Carlos goes snooping for the cast list. When he gets a first look, he doesn’t like what he sees. “Not on my watch,” he says before he starts erasing!