Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Working To ‘Save Their Marriage’: ‘She Is The Love Of His Life’

Amid their trial separation, HL has EXCLUSIVELY learned that Dean McDermott's still 'deeply in love' with Tori Spelling and has 'really stepped up his game' to win her back.

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are in the middle of a “trial separation” while figuring out whether or not they’ll go through the expense and effort of a divorce. Dean, 55, and Tori, 49, share five kidsLiam, 15, Stella, 14, Hattie, 10, Finn, 9, and 5-year-old Beau – which is one reason why they haven’t pulled the trigger yet. This has given Dean a chance to try and turn things around. “Dean has been working on himself so much in hopes to save his marriage,” a source close to McDermott tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, “and his efforts are not going unnoticed. Tori is the love of his life, and he knows where he was falling short in their marriage.”

“Over the past couple of years, Dean has really stepped up his game when it comes to working and providing for his family,” the insider tells HollywoodLife. “His movie with Sarah Hyland, My Fake Boyfriend, was released last month, which he is super proud of. He is also working on another film called Nyctophobia’ right now, and after this, he’s already signed on for another movie, starring Eric Roberts called A Perfect Chaos. Not only has Dean’s new work brought home money for his family, but the time apart while filming in Canada was very, very good for both him and Tori. It gave Dean time to reflect on what he needed to do to save his family.

Tori, Dean, and their kids at the 2019 premiere of Jumanji (Shutterstock)

“Tori is the love of his life, and Dean will tell anyone this,” the insider continues. “He still calls her his wife, and the two of them are living under the same roof. Dean is certain that his efforts are not going unnoticed because everything between him and Tori has improved. Dean tells his friends that they are in a good place right now and are both doing what they have to do to save their marriage.”

Dean and Tori have been the subject of split rumors for years. In the Summer of 2021, Tori revealed that she and Dean weren’t sleeping in the same bed. Despite these rocky moments, Dean and Tori seem to weather the storm and save their marriage from going under.


“Dean’s deeply in love with Tori,” a second McDermott insider tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “He says all the time she’s the love of his life. It’s pretty obvious that he’s been making huge efforts to get them back to a good place. He’s let her lead the way and had given her as much space as she needs, but he’s very clear that she’s the only woman for him, and you can tell he means it. His face lights up when he talks about her.”

“One great thing is that he’s been having a lot of success at work,” the second source says. “He just did a great Netflix movie, and he’s working on another movie right now, and Tori has been very supportive, which is a great sign.”