‘The Challenge’ Preview: KellyAnne Attempts To Make A Deal With Roni

KellyAnne knows she's the target on season 3 of 'The Challenge: All Stars,' and in this EXCLUSIVE clip, she tries to make a deal with one of the ladies in the main alliance.

After Sylvia Elsrode’s elimination on last week’s episode of The Challenge: All Stars, there are three ladies left in the dominant “Treehouse” alliance: Kailah Casillas, Veronica Portillo and Roni Chance. All season long, KellyAnne Judd has been the alliance’s number one target, but this week, KellyAnne has a sabotage to use on whoever she wants thanks to her win at the last challenge. In the EXCLUSIVE preview above, KellyAnne pulls Roni aside to see if there’s potential that they could make a deal.

“I know you’re very strong and you’re a sleeper and you’re gonna pop up,” KellyAnne admits. “I’m rooting for you, actually, if it’s not me because I think you deserve it. But I feel like the rooms have kind of been working together a lot — well, mine hasn’t been, but yours has been — and I wanted your thoughts o anything, really.”

kellyanne jud
KellyAnne Judd on ‘The Challenge: All Stars.’ (Paramount+)

In a confessional, KellyAnne explains why she’s chosen to reach out to Roni specifically. “I have the last sabotage and if I don’t win [the next challenge], I have to think about who I have to go against [in elimination],” KellyAnne says. “I’d like to not go against Roni. She’s very strong. I know she can beat me in quite a few things. But I feel like if I make a deal with her, I could trust her.”

Unfortunately, Roni isn’t on the same page, and she doesn’t take the bait. “KellyAnne has the sabotage, and I don’t know who she’s going to give it to, but I don’t want the Treehouse thinking I’m working against them or trying to do deals on the side,” Roni admits.

By the end of the conversation, KellyAnne knows she isn’t going to get her way with Roni. “I don’t think it’s going to go that way, but if I do have to say your name, I apologize,” KellyAnne tells Roni, in conclusion. “It’s not what I want to do.” New episodes of The Challenge: All Stars air Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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