‘Glee’ Star Amber Riley Shows Off In Strapless Bikini, Celebrating Being In Her ‘Fine Era’

Amber Riley stunned in a multi-colored bikini as she laid out the rules for how she expects to be treated during her new chapter of life.

Amber Riley
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Amber Riley is ready for Hot Girl Summer! The 36-year-old Glee actress showed off her curves in an off-the-shoulder blue, pink, and red zebra print bikini via photos she shared on Instagram on June 3. Her high-leg bikini bottoms featured several layers of silver chains draped between the back and front of them, giving the look an extra bit of style. The actress posed in three photos, showing off different angles of her edgy pre-summer look in each one. A fourth and final snapshot depicted a man holding a cardboard sign that read, “These h—s don’t deserve me.”

Amber celebrated the fact that it’s Friday in the caption of the post and proceeded to list 22 things that have been on her mind recently, many of which proved she’s ready to enjoy her hot, single girl summer. The first thought on her list said, “You’ll never get a chance to treat me like the yellow starburst. Peep slide #4,” with the call to action referencing the cardboard sign she shared. Her third bullet explained that she’s perfectly content being the “rich auntie” who spoils the children in her life. No. 7 on her list read, “I’m really stepping into my FINE era. And I like it.” She went on to discuss several other things, like her “underrated” debut EP, titled Riley, her “fetish for guys with a foot fetish”, and the fact that she’s “way too afraid to bring children into this world.”

Her longest bullet pointed shouted out Pride Month, which kicked off on June 1. “It’s pride month. Thank you to my LGBT+ fans, family, and friends. You all have played instrumental parts in my career, personal life, in my growth, and I’m grateful,” she began. “You are beautiful, and worthy, and you deserve to be here. As an ally, I promise to love on you, defend you, and fight alongside you to ensure you have the same freedom everyone else has walking around in this dumpster fire country. You’ve been some of my greatest supporters, and I’d be seriously remiss not to acknowledge that. So thank you, humbly.”

A day before her reflective Instagram post, Amber shared a video of herself posing in the same bikini, but with a towel in hand. “Nobody is gonna stress me out. Keep your negativity to yourself. If you’re not tryna twerk, be half naked on vacation, and encourage peace and rest, MOVE AROUND ME! I’m doing me,” she wrote in the caption, also noting that she is declaring “soft girl summer” for herself. “The cape is off and the THONG IS ON … may the odds in my DMs be forever in your favor,” she concluded.

The thoughtful and confident posts come a few months after Amber and her former fiancé Desean Black called off their one-year engagement. The singer and actress first revealed she was no longer with Desean during a March episode of the Nice & Neat podcast. “I am a single Black female. I am,” she stated. “I wish him the best. I don’t have anything horrible or bad to say,” she added.

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