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‘2 Broke Girls’ Star Beth Behrs Reveals Her ‘Dream’ Is To See Caroline & Max ‘Very Rich’ In A Reboot

Beth Behrs admitted to HollywoodLife that she'd love to find out 'what happened' to her character Caroline & Kat Denning's 'Max' on '2 Broke Girls' after its abrupt cancellation in 2017.

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2 Broke Girls fans were disappointed and confused when the CBS sitcom was surprisingly cancelled in 2017 after 6 successful seasons. “Kat [Dennings] and I always talk about how we never got to say goodbye,” star Beth Behrs recalled to HollywoodLife in an IG Live interview. “They sort of cancelled us. Nobody was expecting it, including the writers, so we never got to see what happened to the girls, which was kind of a bummer.” The Schick Intuition partner explained that “most shows know they have an end to them, and they actually get a chance to go out on what they would want to leave the audience with,” but that wasn’t the case with 2 Broke Girls.

Beth Behrs, Kat Dennings, ‘And The Fun Factory’, (Season 4, ep. 408, aired Jan. 5, 2015). (Sonja Flemming/CBS/Everett Collection)

While Beth said she and Kat haven’t discussed a possible reboot, she admitted “it would be cool to know what happened to those girls.” “I hope they’re very rich. Very, very rich!” she laughed. “That would be my dream, if that’s what the movie or whatever it was, would be so fun to see them be rich for once would be so funny.” As for how Caroline and Max would be making their money, Beth theorized the girls could have franchised their dessert bar so they’re “everywhere,” while also “living their best lives in New York City.”

While 2 Broke Girls came to an end in 2017, Beth has continued her work on sitcoms, now starring in The Neighborhood on CBS, which completed its fourth season last night. “I just love comedy. I love physical comedy. There’s something about the live audience element, and physical comedy. I come from theater, so I love that,” she gushed. “I just I love to laugh all day. I love laughing with my casts all day, and getting that live feedback from the audience.”

Beth Behrs for Schick Intuituon. (Courtesy of Schick)

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