Rod Stewart’s Son Sean Revealed Why His Dad’s ‘Proud’ Of Him Over Launch Of New Clothing Line

Rod Stewart's son Sean spoke to HollywoodLife about his famous father's words of advice, as he forges his own path and launches his own clothing line.

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Rod Stewart, 77,  is “very proud” of his son Sean, 41 — and for good reason! On May 19, Sean announced the launch of his own Los Angeles-based clothing line, Dirty Weekend. Sean’s new line, which is described as a “lifestyle brand created by Sean with a focus on unique signature pieces that include fashionable leisure streetwear,” is, coincidentally, the same name as one of Rod’s most famous hits from the late 1970s. Prior to launching the line, which is now available online, Sean spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about everything from his current relationship status to his father’s reaction to him “forging his own path.”

HollywoodLife: Tell me about your new clothing line, Dirty Weekend.

Sean Stewart: It’s something that I have been working hard on these past few months and it just shows that hard work pays off. I a talking about turning Dirty Weekend into a music festival.

HollywoodLife: What are some words of advice he has given you, or words of encouragement?

Sean Stewart: He has told me that he is very proud of me for going my own way and forging my own path. He said, ‘I’m proud of you.’ That is great to hear from one’s father. It makes him so happy to see me being creative.

HollywoodLife: Are you close?

Sean Stewart: We are very close.

HollywoodLife: You have always had to work hard for what you have, correct?

Sean Stewart: Yes, ever since I was a kid, I have been working.

HollywoodLife: Can you tell us some of your best memories growing up?

Sean Stewart: There are just so many. I can’t even think of one because there are so many great memories.

HollywoodLife: What do you and your dad do when hanging out?

Sean Stewart: We like to do normal father-son things. We can just chill out or go out to dinners or whatever. Or just hang out at home. We like to go shopping. We always have fun.

Rod Stewart Sean Stewart
Rod Stewart looked youthful while shopping with his son Sean in Beverly Hills, Calif., on November 21, 2018. (Shotbyjuliann /

HollywoodLife: What are your hobbies?

Sean Stewart: I work out and I box.

HollywoodLife: Are you dating and what do you look for in a partner?

Sean Stewart: I am dating, yes. I look for personality.

HollywoodLife: Do you want to settle down and have kids?

Sean Stewart: Of course, I want to settle down and have a family.

HollywoodLife: Regarding Celebrity Rehab and your struggles with substances, are you still sober?

Sean Stewart: I don’t even know why I did Celebrity Rehab, aside from the fact that they offered me a lot of money. Today, I will have a drink on occasion.

HollywoodLife: Why did you take time away from the spotlight?

Sean Stewart: I was tired of it.

Item’s from Sean Stewart’s line can be viewed and purchased by clicking here.