‘A Million Little Things’ EPs Promise The ‘Truth Will Come Out’ About What Really Happened To Peter

Prepare yourselves for the 'A Million Little Things' finale. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the EPs about Anna's secret, a 'huge card flip' to end the season, and more.

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Anna’s got a secret, but will Sophie be able to keep it? At the end of the May 11 episode of A Million Little Things, Kai revealed to Sophie that she saw Anna walking into Peter’s house the night that he died. Ahead of the season 4 finale, airing May 18, HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with executive producers DJ Nash and Terrence Coli about what Sophie is going to do with the information she’s learned about Anna.

“I think what’s been very clear is that Anna hasn’t been entirely honest with Eddie, who asked her pretty pointedly a couple of episodes ago if she had anything to do with what happened to Peter, if she knows more,” Terrence told HollywoodLife. “Clearly, she’s been hiding something. I think we know that, ultimately, Sophie’s loyalty has to lie with Eddie. She’s got a dilemma because she knows how much he cares about Anna.”

Erin Karpluk
Erin Karpluk as Anna. (ABC)

DJ added, “I think it just speaks to how much this man Peter continues to hurt this friend group. Obviously, Sophie, after everything she’s been through has to go through something else now, which is I have to bring information to Eddie that may hurt the happiness he’s finally found himself. We know that his sobriety has not been that long and any sort of shakeup like that, it’s a very hard thing for Sophie to have to do. I think in the finale what we’re watching is the truth will come out about whatever it was that happened to Peter that night.”

DJ previously teased that season 4 would end with the “biggest cliffhanger.” HollywoodLife followed up about the upcoming cliffhanger, and DJ noted that with A Million Little Things there’s always going to be more than one curveball.

“I think what has been historically our way of doing something in the finale, whether it’s wondering whether Eddie’s going to drink just to find out that he’s hit by a car, or thinking that it’s about Sophie having the courage to say what she wants to say in a podcast only to see Gary show up and put a bag over Peter’s head. I think in this case, once again, there’s a lot that you’re expecting to discover in our finale, and then a huge card flip that you don’t pick up,” he said.

Katherine and Greta recently hit a big road bump in their relationship. Greta asked to take a break after Katherine kissed Shanice and didn’t tell Shanice that she had a girlfriend. Is a reconciliation in the cards?

Allison Miller
Allison Miller and James Roday Rodriguez as Maggie and Gary. (ABC)

“I think what we’re seeing is for 3 seasons we watched Katherine faced with challenge after challenge, and we certainly love putting Grace Park as an actor in heartbreaking situations and seeing her humanity shine,” DJ said. “I think putting Katherine where she finally feels like she found who could be the love of her life, and now the question is: did her missteps cost everything, or is there still a chance?”

Terrence noted that it’s “been really fun to put Katherine and Eddie in a little bit of a role reversal situation. Katherine hiding the truth from Greta has led to some complications in her relationship in the way that it always used to when she was with Eddie. Likewise, we’re finding out that the person in Eddie’s life might not be telling him the whole truth. Putting him on Katherine’s side has been a very intentional way of looking at how the roles have reversed a bit in their romantic entanglements.” A Million Little Things will return for season 5 in 2023.