‘A Million Little Things’ Star David Giuntoli Teases Peter’s Death ‘Mystery,’ Future With Anna

'A Million Little Things' star David Giuntoli spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL about that mysterious final moment, Peter's death, and directing his first episode of the show.

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David Giuntoli
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By the end of the May 4 episode of A Million Little Things, Eddie and Anna were in a very good place. Anna went to a support group hosted by Sophie that included more of Peter’s victims. Anna apologized to the girls, and they allowed her to enter their safe space to talk. However, one of the victims, Kai, followed Anna home. What she wants to say to Anna remains to be seen. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with David Giuntoli, who also directed the episode, about what’s next.

“I will say that that look that Kai gave is filled with things that you will see and will be explained. It’s not a red herring. Something’s going to happen,” David teased.

David Giutoli
David Giuntoli and Erin Karpluk on ‘A Million Little Things.’ (ABC)

Earlier in the episode, Eddie talked to Anna about going to an AA meeting. David noted that Eddie is “pretty proud” of Anna for taking a “step in the right direction” and finding the support she needs. However, Peter’s death remains a mystery. Did he really just fall down the stairs? Could Eddie’s lie to protect Anna come back to bite him?

“There’s mystery, and he certainly lied to a detective. I flagged that when I had to do it. I think one of the things that DJ [Nash] is so good at doing and the writers in this episode,Geoffrey Nauffts and David Marshall Grant, is they’re good at planting seeds,” David said.

Eddie’s love life has been complicated over the past 4 seasons, to say the least. However, David believes that Eddie and Anna have what it takes to make it in the long haul. “He’s in love with her. I think that this is an opportunity for Eddie to show up for her in ways he could never show up for his ex-wife Katherine. She’s accepted him in a way that he didn’t think anybody was going to accept him after a lot of things — his addiction, the accident and the paralysis. He wants this to work,” David told HollywoodLife.

David admitted that he has been “relentless” in wanting to direct an episode of A Million Little Things since the beginning. “Even when I was in negotiations for the pilot for this job, I was trying to say that I would love to craft an episode,” David said. “People are rightfully very timid. You don’t want to give that away. There’s nothing for DJ or any of the studios to gain from giving some actor what they might feel is a vanity project, so I tried to really show that I was serious by doing various steps, putting in a lot of time, constantly being like, ‘Hey, if anything happens, I would love to do it.’ They were gracious enough to give me an opportunity.”

The actor previously directed an episode of Grimm in 2017. Even though Grimm and A Million Little Things are two very different shows, David’s approaches to directing have been very similar.

David Giuntoli
David Giuntoli directed the May 4 episode. (ABC)

“Every time I’ve put that hat on so far has been simply terrifying, but then extraordinarily gratifying,” David said. “It’s like skydiving and public speaking at the same time. It’s an adrenaline rush. Though the show Grimm and A Million Little Things are very different genres, I find that ultimately it’s always about the moments between the characters and trying to mine and really lean into what the scene is about between the characters. The style of the show can range from action to genre to you name it, but what the audience wants to see is what just happened between these two people or these three people or four. How does that move the story along? I just tried to really focus in on those moments and get the actors to give the most authentic performance as possible. That’s not too hard with our cast. They are phenomenal and they constantly teach me. I’m constantly in awe of them.” A Million Little Things airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.