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Jane Fonda Looks Glamorous in Recent Photoshoot While Giving a Personal Interview

Coincidentally, one of Jane Fonda’s earliest gigs was as a model on the cover of Glamour in 1959, before her career took off. Now, sixty years later, she’s back to tell her story.

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Jane Fonda
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Image Credit: Karen Radkai

The legendary Jane Fonda has had a prolific career that has spanned across seven decades. And with a recent intimate interview with Glamour, she guides us through the journey of her fascinating life. In the interview, she opens up about her life philosophies of when she was young and just starting out, versus how she looks at the world currently.


Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda, 1959 cover photo. (Karen Radkai)

“I didn’t have very much confidence in myself, and it never occurred to me to give myself any kind of label that was positive. Also, I tended to gravitate toward people who were smarter and braver and morally stronger than I was. I always aspired to be more like them, but I never could imagine that I was like them.” She said of her past mindset. However, upon having an epiphany and reflecting on herself, she now proudly describes herself as “brave.” She also disclosed that she pays more attention to taking care of her body at her age.

Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda appears in photos for Glamour. (Lauren Dukoff)

There’s no denying that Jane is the epitome of graceful aging. It’s hard to believe that the actress is 84 years old, despite describing her years after 60 as the “final act” of her life. However, she certainly didn’t peak in her younger days. “If somebody had told me that, at almost 85 years old, I’d still be working as much as I am and feeling as good as I do, I wouldn’t have believed them,” she told the outlet. “I’m younger now than I was when I was 20.” The Barbarella star looks ultra elegant in the photoshoot, flaunting a vibrant hot pink trench coat and baggy pants, and radiating youthful energy.

A large part of Jane’s image has been her social justice activism work, especially in climate change issues. Throughout the years, she has been dedicated to using her voice to help find ways to protect the earth. “If we’re going to really solve the climate crisis, we also have to think and run our societies differently,” she passionately explained. As of right now, she’s still committed to the cause, encouraging readers to donate to her organization against fossil fuels.