Casey Baer Delivers An Empowering Anthem About Knowing Your Worth In ‘Take It Personal’

With a defiant middle finger to ‘someone who really hurt me,’ pop-artist -- and your new fave -- Casey Baer, unleashes her fury in the latest cut from her upcoming debut EP, ‘Not That Girl.’

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There are moments when you need to be like Jinx Monsoon and let everything roll “like water off a duck’s back.” Casey Baer has made it clear that her new song is not one of them. “Take It Personal,” premiering on HollywoodLife, is the Los Angeles-based pop artist’s revenge on someone who did her wrong. After realizing that the person she’s with gets off on treating her poorly, Casey stands up for herself while crushing this worm beneath her boot. “Break your heart / lose  your mind / you’re dead to me / don’t you dare try,” she said, while she makes sure this fool regrets the way they treated her. “Hope you hit an all-time-low / hope you take it personal,” she sings.

“This is a f-you song to someone who really hurt me. It’s a song that says ‘you don’t deserve me,’” Casey shares about the song. “Take It Personal” arrives just a day before her debut ep, Not That Girl, hits streaming services. The six-song project will also feature the previously released “Never Have I Ever” and the project’s title track, “Not That Girl.” The latter is described as a signature song that blends together pop-rock guitars with electronic textures, all laying the foundation for Casey’s dynamic vocals.

Not That Girl marks a moment of personal and creative growth for Casey. The project covers a range of honest and personal topics, including heartbreak and anxiety. As a songwriter, Casey channels her own experiences into her art, and making this EP was a huge moment for her. “I cried a lot when we were making this EP, and Sophie [Simmons] and Mike [Fatrkin] made me feel safe and supported,” she adds. “Now, it means the world to share these songs and messages of hope on this upcoming tour. I can’t wait to feel that deep connection with people.”

Casey will get a chance to share this new music when she hits the road on a coast-to-coast tour with pop star Jesse McCartney. The tour begins on May 3 in Cincinnati at Bogart’s and hits venues across the United States. It marks Casey’s biggest tour to-date, but it’s likely just the beginning for this rising rockstar.