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‘Cobra Kai’ Star: Fans Will ‘Not Be Disappointed’ By Who Returns In Season 5

Terry Silver has big plans for Cobra Kai. Thomas Ian Griffith spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL about Silver's endgame, Silver's 'old friends' who could be coming back, and more.

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Thomas Ian Griffith
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Cobra Kai season 4 ended with Terry Silver getting the upper hand with Kreese. After having Kreese arrested, Silver announced that he would be taking over Cobra Kai in the interim. Silver’s not afraid to play dirty, and things are bound to get even messier in season 5. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Thomas Ian Griffith about whether or not Silver is an even bigger foe than Kreese.

Cobra Kai
Silver and Kreese in the season 4 finale. (Netflix)

“There was such a loyalty to Kreese, and then he felt such a betrayal and had to make the change. The beauty of Terry is that there is unpredictability. I think that makes him dangerous,” Thomas told HollywoodLife at the Cobra Kai PaleyFest event on April 8 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

During his season 4 finale showdown with Kreese, Silver mentioned that he was going to recruit some “old friends” to help him run Cobra Kai. HollywoodLife tried to get any clues as to who those friends could be. “I see what you are doing there. Who is coming back? You will have to wait and see, and you will not be disappointed. I promise,” he teased.

Terry Silver has been a character Karate Kid fans have loved to hate since his first appearance in The Karate Kid Part III. At the end of season 4, Tory witnessed Silver paying off the All-Valley rep after Cobra Kai’s victory. So, is there anything redeeming about Silver? Thomas doesn’t think Silver is all bad.

Cobra Kai
Kreese and Silver at the All-Valley tournament. (Netflix)

“There are sprinkles of truth within all of his madness,” Thomas explained. “He is loyal and he is all about what he has learned and believed in and devoted so much of his life to and his commitment to that is special. That is what he wants to pass on. He doesn’t want to corrupt kids. He wants to give kids something they need in the world they all live in.” Cobra Kai will return for season 5 on Netflix.