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‘Cobra Kai’s Peyton List Teases Tory & Robby’s Romance In Season 5: ‘Robby Gets Her’

Tory and Robby could be 'Cobra Kai's next great couple. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Peyton List and Tanner Buchanan about the Tory and Robby relationship and that 'heartbreaking' finale moment for Tory.

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In the midst of all the drama in Cobra Kai season 4, a romance began to blossom between Tory and Robby. While the All-Valley Tournament took over in the final episodes of the season, both Peyton List and Tanner Buchanan would love to see Tory and Robby become a karate power couple in season 5.

“I love Robby and Tory together,” Peyton told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at the Cobra Kai PaleyFest event on April 8 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. “Tory needs to be less manipulative. I think Robby gets her, they are cute together, and it is nice that she can focus on him. Seeing her enjoy life is a win I like to see.”

PEyton list Tanner Buchanan
Peyton List and Tanner Buchanan as Tory and Robby. (Netflix)

Tanner couldn’t reveal too much about what’s going down Robby and Tory-wise in season 5. As for whether or not we’ll get a full-blown Robby and Tory romance in the upcoming fifth season, Tanner said, “I do know, but I don’t know. I think they have a great relationship. Their connection is amazing. They build each other up. If they can make something more, that would be nice to see.”

Both Robby and Tory are going to have their hands full now that Terry Silver is in charge of Cobra Kai. Tory triumphed over Sam in the All-Valley Tournament, but Tory discovered Silver paying off the referee. “It is a heartbreaking moment for Tory. All she wanted was to win and prove that she was of worth to herself and to see all her hard work and training turn into seeing the ref getting paid off, how awful was that… It is really hard to deal with,” Peyton admitted.

At the end of the season, Robby also reconnected with his father, Johnny. Could Robby leave Silver and Cobra Kai to join his dad? Don’t rule it out. “Anything is possible because we have so many wonderful writers. They know what they are doing to provide what the fans want,” Tanner said.

Peyton List
Peyton List as Tory in ‘Cobra Kai’ season 4. (Netflix)

Cobra Kai has already been renewed for season 5. The new season is excited to debut on Netflix in late 2022 or early 2023.