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Cardi B & Keke Palmer Hilariously Go Fishing On ‘Cardi Tries’: Watch

The 'Hustlers' co-stars reenacted a scene from 'Titanic' before learning how to bait anchovies on the hooks of their fishing rods.

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Cardi B and Keke Palmer are hooked on a new sport. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper and the “Scream Queens” actress made a hilarious duo learning how to fish in the latest episode of the Facebook Watch show Cardi B Tries, which premiered on Friday (March 25). While Keke announced she accompanied her grandfather on several fishing trips, Cardi revealed she had never been exposed to the hobby until now.

As they were about to set sail in the Pacific from the tony coastal town of Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles, the Hustlers co-stars were tasked with fishing for their own anchovy bait. Once they tackled their first assignment, they each took turns driving the boat out of the marina into the open waters, where hilarity ensued.

After Cardi said she has always wanted to reenact a scene from Titanic, Keke took her up on the challenge. The longtime friends stationed themselves at the bow of the boat to emulate the scene where Jack holds Rose as she squeals, “Jack, I’m flying!”.  Cardi B filled in for Kate Winslet, saying, “Keke, I feel like I’m flying,” to which Keke, ala Leonardo DiCaprio, replied, “Cardi, I’ll never let you go.” Cardi added, “Hold me tighter!” and Keke responded, “I’ll never let you go!”

The superstars then got a lesson on beheading a squid. Keke picked up the skill quite quickly after the boat’s deckhand gave detailed instructions. “So, cut the head off, slice it in the middle, scoop out the guts, then chop, chop, chop,” Keke reiterated. She then began singing before going to work on the squid, “I’m sorry that I did that to you, and I gotta scoop all that out, and I’m so sorry.”

When they finally cast their rods, both Cardi and Keke pulled in a sand bass. As the fish were dangling from their hooks in front of the women, they were asked if they were “proud” of the catch. “I’m impressed with my skills as a fisherman, I am,” Keke announced, as Cardi gave a side eye and the reply, “I’m disgusted, but I’m proud, sure.”

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