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Nicki Minaj’s Fans Are Convinced She Called Cardi B ‘Ugly’ In New Song ‘We Go Up’: Listen

Nicki, who has famously feuded with Cardi in the past, references someone who has had multiple 'surgeries' in her new ditty.

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Were shots just fired?! Fans are convinced Nicki Minaj came for rival Cardi B in her new song “We Go Up.” The latest offering from the rapper includes lyrics slamming an unnamed person about their physical appearance, and the recipient appears to be Cardi, according to Genius. Listen, below:

“Let’s see/After all of that surgery, you are still ugly/And that is what gets me,” reads the lyrics, which the website attributes to the ‘Bodak Yellow” singer, who is known to have undergone quite a few cosmetic procedures, including liposuction, breast augmentation and having veneers applied to her teeth. In Nicki’s world, those attempts to improve one’s appearance has been all for naught.

Social media blew up with fans chiming in on the apparent Nicki shade against Cardi. “Nicki really just told Cardi B she was ugly & wanted to be like her,” posted one follower, as another tagged Cardi, writing, “You are getting screwed by nicki Minaj shots fired by your enemy the queen of rap like you shouldn’t gotten all that surgery and you wouldn’t be so ugly like everyone says especially nicki Minaj.”

A third shared, “Cardi b fans yall fanny sometimes so you guyz thought nick minaj shade cardi that means you guyz have admitted cardi b is ugly…  there are so may female artist who have done surgery but you choose cardi.”

While Nicki and Cardi have yet to comment on the controversy, their feud over the years has become legendary. Fans first began to notice tension brewing back in 2017 when Cardi broke out on the rap scene and was instantly compared to Nicki. Shortly after, Nicki dissed Cardi’s boyfriend Offset in a song with Katy Perry called “Swish Swish.” Around that time, Cardi took to Instagram to slyly talk about “idols who become rivals”. The beef famously came to a head during New York Fashion Week in 2018, when it was reported that Cardi approached Nicki about “spreading lies,” an altercation ensued and Cardi threw her shoe at Nicki.

Since then, the conflict between Nicki and Cardi has been relatively low-key. Until now! Rest assured, HollywoodLife will update this story on any new developments that transpire between the two rapping icons.