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Savannah Guthrie Reveals Heartbreak Of Miscarriage & Grueling IVF Before Birth Of Son, 5

'Today' anchor Savannah Guthrie had a difficult journey to becoming a mom-of-two. Savannah revealed that she nearly lost 'hope' she'd have a second child after a miscarriage and two rounds of IVF.

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Savannah Guthrie
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Savannah Guthrie opened up about having a tough time getting pregnant with her second child. The Today anchor, 50, revealed in the Good Housekeeping April 2022 cover story (published March 21) that she suffered a miscarriage and underwent two rounds of IVF before she gave birth to her son Charley, now 5, in December 2016.

“I stopped even letting myself hope or believe I could [get pregnant], because the years were getting on,” Savannah — who already had a successful pregnancy with her daughter Vale, now 7, before she struggled to conceive her second child — told the outlet. “It wasn’t that I thought it was impossible; I just thought it wasn’t likely,” she added.

Savannah Guthrie
Savannah Guthrie (Photo: Broadimage/Shutterstock)

Savannah, who shares both her kids with husband Michael Feldman, revealed more about her pregnancy struggles. “I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I just tried to tell myself that it would be okay if it didn’t happen,” she recalled. “Maybe it’s not meant for me, and that’s okay because I’ve already been blessed so much in my life. I’m not entitled to have a baby too. Looking back, that mindset was probably a self-defense mechanism.”

Now a proud mom of two beautiful, healthy children, Savannah revealed that her own mother, Nancy Guthrie, was a major support system during those difficult times. “My mom got me through the personal trials of my 30s. It was great to have her, because she was just always so certain. She’d say, ‘Well, of course you’re going to have your family, Savannah!’ It felt good.”

Savannah was 44 years old when she gave birth to her second child. While some could say she’s an “older mom,” the TV journalist feels she’s the perfect age to raise two young kids. “By this time in life you’ve seen a few things and you know how to weather the ups and downs. I’m glad my kids don’t have the stressed, anxious and insecure 30-year-old version of me,” she told Good Housekeeping. “The peace and calmness that comes with age is a great thing for kids to see in action,” she added.