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‘Succession’s Brian Cox Recreates Iconic Cassie Scene From ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 & The Video Is Epic

Is there anything Brian Cox can't do? The 'Succession' star recreated the legendary Cassie bathroom scene from 'Euphoria' season 2 for 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.' He's never, ever been happier!

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Brian Cox
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This is the HBO crossover we didn’t know we needed. Succession patriarch Brian Cox — yes, the Logan Roy —  effortlessly steps into the role of Cassie, played by Sydney Sweeney, on Euphoria. He recreates that incredible bathroom scene where Cassie breaks down while dressed like she’s auditioning for Oklahoma!

Brian Cox
Brian Cox as Cassie from ‘Euphoria.’ (ABC)

The video skit, released on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, features Brian dressed similarly to Cassie in a blue plaid shirt and cowboy hat. He walks into the Euphoria high school bathroom and encounters Lexi, Maddy, Kat, and Rue. From there, almost word-for-word, Brian delivers Cassie’s dialogue.

This includes the now-iconic “I have never, ever been happier” line. Brian’s delivery is excellent. Just like Sydney Sweeney deserves, give Brian an Emmy for this performance!

Brian also improvises a few lines that would make Logan Roy proud. “Don’t f**k with me, Maddy. I’m one crazy-ass b*tch,” Brian says as he aggressively bites into an apple.

Given this incredible video skit, it’s only fair to put out into the universe that Brian should guest star on Euphoria. Cassie’s grandfather, perhaps? Actually, he’d be a great pitch for Cal’s father. Or Sydney could guest star on Succession. The possibilities are very fun to think about.

The Euphoria season 2 bathroom scene has become one of the show’s most meme-able moments. From Maddy’s “b*tch, you better be joking” to Cassie’s breakdown, this scene has fully entered the zeitgeist.

Kat, Maddy, and Cassie during the legendary bathroom scene. (HBO)

Succession and Euphoria are two of HBO’s mega-hits. Euphoria has become a ratings juggernaut for HBO and is now the network’s most-watched show behind Game of Thrones. Succession’s ratings continue to climb, and the critically-acclaimed series keeps racking up awards.

Both of the shows are set to return for new seasons. Succession season 4 should get underway in the next few months. Euphoria was renewed for a third season while season 2 was still on the air. You can watch both shows on HBO Max now.