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Nikki Bella Teases Thrilling ‘AGT: Extreme’ Finale & Says She’d ‘Definitely Be Back’ For A Season 2

Nikki Bella is having the time of her life on 'AGT: Extreme.' She spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL about the one extreme act she'd be willing to try, a possible season 2, and more.

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Nikki Bella
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Nikki Bella is one of the newest members of the America’s Got Talent family. She is a judge on the jaw-dropping AGT: Extreme, which currently airs Mondays on NBC. The 4-week event is coming to an end, and Nikki revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that the finale is going to be all kinds of epic.

Nikki Bella
Nikki Bella on ‘AGT: Extreme’ with Simon Cowell and Travis Pastrana. (NBC)

“It’s very exciting and thrilling,” Nikki teased about the final episode. “Truly the sky’s the limit in our Extreme backyard. And it’s thrilling but also what AGT does that’s so amazing is it’s heartwarming, and there’s nothing better than giving these types of people that do these incredibly extreme acts a platform that they’ve never had before. As you’ve seen so far in the past two episodes, there’s so much meaning behind what they all do and they’ve never had anywhere to showcase that and be appreciated for what they do. Now they have a place and the finals just get even better because it’s going to be the first-ever AGT: Extreme champion and that hits home to the people or person that wins and the people that are fighting for it.”

Nikki has been a judge alongside Simon Cowell, Travis Pastrana, and host Terry Crews. The Total Bellas alum admitted that she would love to return if AGT: Extreme comes back for a second season.

“They have me as a lifer,” Nikki said about her future with AGT. “As long as they’re going to be airing the show, I’m going to be on that panel, unless they get rid of me. But the chemistry was there from the beginning with all four of us, and we have such a fun time. Extreme is a part of my life. I thrive on an adrenaline rush. I understand everyone who comes in and, honestly, it’s the most fun I’ve ever had on any set in my entire life. So I’m praying there’s a season 2, and I’ll definitely be back.”

There have been a number of wild and death-defying acts on AGT: Extreme. Nikki is known for her prowess inside the WWE ring, but would she actually try one of the extreme acts seen on AGT: Extreme? “I would love to get back on a dirt bike and do something crazy. I might get on the dirt biking we saw last night where they drove through fire. I may attempt that,” Nikki said.

Nikki Bella
Nikki Bella after pressing her Golden Buzzer for Aaron Wheelz. (NBC)

Nikki gave her Golden Buzzer to Aaron Wheelz, an extreme wheelchair athlete. She believes that a season 2 would bring even more extreme acts after they’ve seen the amazing skills exhibited by Wheelz and more in the first season.

“I think if and when there’s a season 2, it’s going to be even bigger and crazier because now the extreme people are like, wait, I need to go there and do that. What’s really cool is that they get to create whatever they want, and Simon and his team make it come to life. I thought that was so badass,” Nikki told HollywoodLife. AGT: Extreme airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on NBC.