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‘Power Book IV: Force’ Sneak Peek: Walter Slaps Vic After Finding Out About Gloria

Walter Flynn has some choice words for his son in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new episode of 'Power Book IV: Force.' When Vic tries to defy his father, Walter has no problem hitting him.

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“You’re a Flynn. And you will die happy in bed with a good Irish girl. You got me?” Walter tells Vic in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the March 6 episode of Power Book IV: Force. It’s clear that Walter has found out about Vic’s relationship with Gloria.

Vic isn’t going to take his father’s demand lightly. “Yeah, that worked out great for you didn’t it?” Vic claps. back. Walter immediately slaps Vic right across the face. Claud stands off to the side watching the whole thing.

Walter draws blood but Vic doesn’t say a word. He just looks at his father and walks out of the room. From the looks of it, Vic isn’t going to be taking his father’s orders. “He’s not made like you,” Claud tells Walter about Vic.

In the promo for the March 7 episode, Walter has a confrontation with Gloria at her bar. “Yours will never be the face my son’s going to wake up to,” Walter tells Gloria. Also during the episode, rivals return to exact revenge on Tommy, and he must devise a plan to eliminate the threat and gain control.

With Vic on the outs with his father, could this provide an opening for Claud to get her time to shine when it comes to the family business? HollywoodLife spoke to Tommy Flanagan, who says that Walter is well aware of his daughter’s power but lets his traditional views get in the way.

Tommy Flanagan
Gabrielle Ryan and Tommy Flanagan as Gloria and Walter Flynn. (STARZ)

“I think he knows how powerful she could be and how amazing she is, but his whole traditional, misogynistic bullsh*t gets in the way of his reason,” Tommy told HollywoodLife. “So he knows that but he wants the grandkids and his daughter to do the books and women in her place kind of bullsh*t, that kind of thing. He’s old school. He’s an old prick, to be honest… He ain’t no fool. He knows the power of Claudia.” New episodes of Power Book IV: Force drop Sundays on STARZ.