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‘Power Book IV: Force’s Tommy Flanagan Admits Walter Flynn Sees Tommy As A ‘Reminder Of Himself’

Tommy Flanagan and Lili Simmons star in the new 'Power' spinoff 'Force.' HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the cast members about the Flynn family dynamics, loyalty, and what Walter thinks of Tommy.

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Tommy Flanagan
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Tommy Egan’s next chapter takes him to Chicago where he crosses paths with Walter Flynn, the head of one of the most feared families in the city. Walter has two kids, Vic and Claud, who both have their eyes on the family throne. Tommy is certainly going to shake things up for the Flynn family when he makes his way onto their turf in the new Power spinoff, Power Book IV: Force.

Tommy Flanagan
Tommy Flanagan as Walter Flynn. (STARZ)

Tommy Flanagan, who plays Walter Flynn, spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY and admitted that Walter is kind of “fascinated” by the “fearless and full of contempt” Tommy Egan. “I think he’s interested and a wee bit amused by him… Maybe he’s got his back up a little bit and [he’s] a reminder of himself in some ways,” Tommy continued. “Walter sees Tommy Egan and thinks, ‘Ah, I. know that guy.'”

Vic Flynn is the heir apparent to the family business, but no one should count Claud Flynn out. Claud, Walter’s only daughter, wants to have a piece of the power, too.

Joseph Sikora
Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan. (STARZ)

“Claud is ambitious and cunning and wants so badly to have the throne, right? She has absolute love for her family and loyalty, but at the same time, there’s a lot of friction,” Lili admitted. “Her brother is a loose cannon. She loves him, but he’s not ready for it either. Where she should be, she’s not, and no one’s listening to her and allowing her to get there. So yes, there’s love but there’s a lot of friction and a lot of anger that’s building up inside of her. I think even by the end of season 1, it’s just the beginning. She’s a slow burn.”

One of those people not listening to Claud is Walter, but he’s well aware of her promise. “I think he knows how powerful she could be and how amazing she is, but his whole traditional, misogynistic bullsh*t gets in the way of his reason,” Tommy told HollywoodLife. “So he knows that but he wants the grandkids and his daughter to do the books and women in her place kind of bullsh*t, that kind of thing. He’s old school. He’s an old prick, to be honest… He ain’t no fool. He knows the power of Claudia.”

Lili Simmons
Lili Simmons as Claud Flynn. (STARZ)

Lily stressed that Claud is “absolutely loyal” to her family, but she’ll go to great lengths to prove she’s worthy of a seat at the table. “I think the only reason she might be looking at other avenues is to prove to her family. If he’s not going to see or listen to her, she might have to prove it in another way,” Lily told HollywoodLife. Power Book IV: Force premieres February 6 on STARZ.