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‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Preview: Tee Tee Loses Her Engagement Ring Just Before Her Wedding

While getting ready for her wedding, Tee Tee Francis realizes her engagement ring is gone in this EXCLUSIVE preview of 'Growing Up Hip Hop.' She frantically tries to find it and believes she knows where it could be.

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Tee Tee Francis has about 30 minutes until it’s wedding time, but there’s one important thing she can’t find: her engagement ring. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the March 3 episode of Growing Up Hip Hop, Tee Tee loses her engagement ring and rummages around her hotel room trying to find her ring. She believes that the ring could be in the robe she had on the night before.

Tee Tee notes that the cleaning lady already came and likely picked up the robe to wash. “No one is finding my ring,” Tee Tee says. “I didn’t leave it on the bedside. I didn’t leave it in the shower. And that’s when I’m starting to panic. I’m never getting my ring back.”

Growing Up Hip Hop
Tee Tee’s engagement ring goes missing. (WE tv)

Tee Tee wants to get the robe she wore back. Not only is her engagement ring gone, but the emerald ring that she wears with her engagement ring is also gone. She calls Jennifer, the director of sales and marketing, to explain the situation. She says her engagement ring is missing and thinks it’s in the pocket of the robe she was wearing last night.

She’s hoping that Jennifer can track down housekeeping and get the robe back before her wedding to Shawn Rogers. “We send our laundry out. We don’t do our own laundry,” Jennifer reveals. Tee Tee’s jaw drops. Jennifer races to call the hotel to see if the laundry has been sent out already.

“My inner psychosis is like going crazy,” Tee Tee admits. “I can barely focus. I’m trying to think about the ring. I’m feeling overwhelmed with emotions, but I don’t have my ring, all while being silent. Like, I’m steaming on the inside and I can physically not do anything about it.”

Growing Up Hip Hop
Tee Tee’s friends and family try to help her find her engagement ring. (WE tv)

The synopsis for the March 3 episode reads, “Tee Tee’s wedding day spirals into chaos, but a surprise from Pep shocks all. Meanwhile, Treach warns Sam that a dangerous future lies ahead and enforces protection over Egypt. Jojo plans something special for Tanice to keep the marriage lit.” Growing Up Hip Hop airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.