Dolph Lundgren Reveals His Advice For He-Man Remake Star Kyle Allen: ‘Dress Warm’

Dolph Lundgren spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL about the new He-Man remake and what star Kyle Allen should know as he steps into the superhero's shoes.

Masters of the Universe is a beloved cult classic. Rocky alum Dolph Lundgren starred as He-Man in the 1987 film. Now, He-Man is getting the remake treatment with Kyle Allen in the leading role. In our EXCLUSIVE interview, the 64-year-old revealed his advice to the young actor as he prepares to take on the role.

Dolph Lundgren
Dolph Lundgren in ‘Masters of the Universe.’ (Everett Collection)

“Dress warm [Laughs]! I froze my ass off with that little stamp I was wearing for my costume for 54 nights in a row in Whittier,” Dolph told HollywoodLife while promoting his partnership with Old Spice. “Anyways, a part from that, it is kind of nice when things come around. I have been around for a while and people like to remake things, and Masters is a charming story. I think the movie that I did had some flaws, but it is a charming story and people seem to like it… because a lot of the recent comic book franchises are much darker. I think that this has a charming side to it and that makes it different and people will hopefully enjoy it again when the new one comes.”

Dolph’s He-Man costume was barely a costume. His Masters of the Universe look consisted of a brown leather body harness with a chest medallion, brown shoulder guards, a burgundy cape, and little else. There’s no official word yet whether Kyle’s He-Man costume will look exactly like Dolph’s in the 1987 film.

Dolph is set to reprise the role of Gunner Jensen in the upcoming film The Expendables 4. The legendary actor revealed that he has a “little scuffle with 50 Cent” in the film that is “really fun.”

Kyle Allen
Kyle Allen will play He-Man in the ‘Masters of the Universe’ remake. (David Buchan/Shutterstock)

The Swedish actor also gets de-aged in a new Old Spice ad that promotes the all-new Old Spice Sweat Defense Dry Spray Antiperspirants. Dolph admitted that it was a bit shocking to see his younger self in the commercial. “I had to deal with seeing myself, my younger self, take shape in front of me. It was kind of eerie,” he noted.

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