‘RHONJ’ Recap: Dolores Catania & Jackie Goldschneider Nearly Get Into A Physical Fight

A fight between Dolores and Jackie nearly turned physical during the Feb. 15 episode of 'RHONJ', when Dolores learned Jackie was questioning her loyalty.

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Loyalty was a major topic discussed during the Feb. 15 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. First, it came up when Jackie Goldschneider offered some support to Jennifer Aydin, who’s still emotional over the fact that everyone knows Bill cheated on her. Following Dolores’ dramatic get together last week, Jackie called Jennifer to see how she was doing after she stormed out during a heated discussion amongst the ladies. Jennifer said she was hanging in there as best as she could, and Jackie offered to be a shoulder for her to cry on. Jackie also told Jennifer that Dolores wasn’t acting like a true friend at her get together, when she told Jennifer to stop crying and get over her husband’s past infidelities.

Then, when everyone met up at a college-themed party Jackie was hosting — she wanted to take advantage of the two weeks her kids were gone for summer camp — Jennifer told Dolores what Jackie had said. And Dolores, who previously revealed she and David Principe had broken up, wasn’t too happy about it. Jackie defended her statement by saying that Dolores is more loyal to Margaret Josephs than she is to Jennifer, but Dolores disagreed. However, when Margaret joined the conversation, she agreed with Jackie and told Dolores that she’s better friends with her than she is with Jennifer.

Jennifer also said that Dolores wasn’t acting like a great friend to her, so Dolores said she’d work on it. But what she said she wasn’t going to do was take advice from “this”, and she pointed at Jackie. Jackie hated that Dolores called her “this”, so she started getting up in Dolores’ face, telling Dolores to never call her “this” again. “Don’t f***ing call me ‘this’,” she yelled. Dolores didn’t love that Jackie was getting up in her space, so she called Jackie’s bluff and asked, “What are you going to do about it? Really? What the f*** are you going to do about it?”

With just an inch of separation between them, the other ladies started intervening and pulling Jackie and Dolores away from each other. Sadly, nothing was resolved because the episode ended with a “to be continued…”, but we’ll obviously see how the rest of that scene plays out next week.


Teresa Giudice didn’t attend the event because she had to travel to Boston for the week to attend one her daughter’s dance obligations, but earlier in the episode, Luis Ruelas hosted a pizza party in the hopes of mending the Gorga and Giudice families. And after they all aired grievances with each other, they all decided to leave the past in the past and move forward without feuding. We’ll see how long that lasts, though.

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