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Jennifer Coolidge Is Lady Luck In Fan Duel’s Hilarious Super Bowl Commercial

The comedic actress attempts to smuggle a leprechaun through airport security during the online sportsbook's Super Bowl spot.

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Jennifer Coolidge
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Jennifer Coolidge hilariously plays Lady Luck taking a much-needed vacation for Fan Duel’s hilarious Super Bowl LVI commercial. The gist is that Fan Duel is offering such incredible odds (56-1) for betting on either the Cincinnati Bengals or LA Rams to win Sunday’s big game that Lady Luck can finally relax and take some time off. And Jennifer/Lady Luck intends to do just that, as she is spotted at an airport on her way to Bora Bora. But while going through security, Jennifer runs into a bit of trouble as she is smuggling a leprechaun. “Oh, he’s only 3 ounces,” Jennifer pleads to the guard. As the commercial concludes with Jennifer making her way to the plane, a voiceover is heard saying, “The Super Bowl is your luckiest day ever!” Jennifer coyly adds, “Mine too, buddy boy.”

Jennifer Coolidge
Jennifer Coolidge stars as Lady Luck in Fan Duel’s Super Bowl commercial. (YouTube)

“There is no single game all year that will come close to the volume of bets, activity and customer engagement that we will have around the Super Bowl,” said Mike Raffensperger, chief marketing officer for FanDuel, to Sports Business Journal. “It’s where you pull in more casual fans … that aren’t as familiar with gambling. And that’s why we make a lot of efforts to create offers and free-to-play games and on-boarding experiences that are very friendly in that moment.”

Jennifer’s commercial will air nationally during pregame shows on Feb. 13 but will not be seen during the Super Bowl itself, when FanDuel will “opt for less expensive regional buys in legalized states,” according to Sports Business Journal. “We have an interesting business,” Raffensperger said. “Every other marketer is talking about their Super Bowl spot, which they want to run in the Super Bowl. We will have some regional presence within the Super Bowl. We’ve seen that work. We know it makes sense, particularly if we’re able to talk about things like live betting. But what actually matters a lot to our business is that runup before kickoff, where people are coming in and making that pregame bet.”

He echoed the sentiment of not running Jennifer’s ad during the big game itself by adding, “We’ll have a huge presence (at the Super Bowl) now that we’re an official NFL partner. It’s the first time we’ve been able to do things like this.”